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Testosterone : Most important hormone for Men

Introduction to Testosterone


When people overhear the word testosterone, the first thing that comes to mind is something that builds muscles but there is more than you need to know about this hormone.

From science facts and research, it is clear that testosterone is a hormone common to men or males but can also be found in women as special cases.

Such special cases are accrued from genetic deficiencies and even mutations.

Back to what it is; it is a male hormone that is always considered as an anabolic steroid. This might be a tough term but just grasp the fact that it is a steroid in nature. It is a very important fact as far as male reproductive systems are concerned. It promotes the viability of tissues found in testes and prostate glands.

Important Functions

Just as we have highlighted in the previous paragraph, testosterone plays a great role as far as sexual production is concerned. However, far from that, there are other functions that this hormone is associated with.

The first of other functions is that it promotes health as it helps in fat reduction. With that, you will agree with me about the fact that men do gain muscles basically because the presence of testosterone in their reproductive system induces growth of muscles and reduction of fat.

This is the main reason why men have muscles as their major body composition as opposed to fats.

This hormone is known to increase sexual desires, improve libido and even promote erection persistence. The presence of testosterone in the male reproductive system helps men in as far as the need to enhance proper erection and sexual pleasure are concerned.

Research has shown that fat or obese men have the low sexual pleasure and their erection abilities become greatly reduced. That is why some of their genitals become rudimentary.

Other functions include reduced susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease and heart-related disorders, improves cognitive abilities, does away with depression and helps in growing strong bones.

Factors affecting levels of testos hormone

The levels of testosterone can be affected by a number of factors.  The first one among other is age. When people grow old, their levels of testosterone also reduces and that is why when people grow old, they tend to gain weight due to fat accumulation, they become weak and even have erectile dysfunction.

The second factor is stress, sadness, and depression. Studies have shown that when someone is depressed, stressed or even sad, they tend to reduce the levels of testosterone in their reproductive systems. Other factors include sexual disorders resulting from genetic inheritance.

Balanced diet and testosterone levels

The food we eat matters a lot as far as the increase and decrease of testosterone levels are concerned. If you are a woman, then consider a balanced diet so that your man may remain viable in terms of testosterone levels.

However, various studies have suggested the idea that proteins work best as far as the need to improve progesterone levels is concerned. Some of the sources of such proteins include groundnuts, beans, red meat, simsim grains, and almonds.

Tips to boost it naturally

1. Saturated fat is considered as bad fat but a limited quantity of this type of fat is very important to boost your t-levels. So try and eat at least 15% of your fat requirement from saturated fats . These include ghee, egg yolks, paneer etc .

2. Do compound movemets exercise like squats , deadlifts , military press , bench press etc which naturally boosts your t- levels as it works on multiple muscles simultaneously.

3. Add seeds to your diet which are known to naturally boost testosterone levels in men . Some of the seeds you can use are pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flex seeds etc.

Effects of sex and masturbation on testosterone

Finally we come to the much debated issue that does sex and masturbation effects t-levels .

Sex and masturbation doesn’t have any adverse effect on your testosterone levels . Body’s ability to produce testosterone works like a cycle . This doesn’t mean that once you ejaculate you empty your testosterone stores . Moreover according to fitness enthusiasts sex and masturbation makes you get a good sleep which rather aids in muscle building.

However excess of everything is bad , you must limit your sexual act to 2-3 times a week and also ensure a good and healthy diet to replenish the lost nutrients . This also speeds up your bodies ability to produce sperm at a much faster rate.

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