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starting fitness journeyGoing to start your Fitness Journey? Here is all you need to know about It

Lot of individual out there want to connect themselves from fitness from one or the other ways. Like for some its a lifestyle thing, for some its career including bodybuilding, YouTube fitness channel, writing fitness blogs etc .Then comes the people having medical problems and wants to cure it by improving their physical health. However some things always remain same in starting fitness journey for any fitness enthusiast which include making out time for it, learning the science behind it and then implementing it slowly and steadily. Fitness can be found in anything it doesn’t needs to be spending hours in gym or doing exercise cardioid. You just have to remember that its a journey which gives you a feel good factor.

All Fitness Journey depends on certain aspects which I have clearly mentioned below and I think every individual irrespective of his age must follow these aspects. These will not only help you throughout your fitness journey but also helps you to be a better human being.

So here are 06 Aspects you need to know before starting fitness journey:-

1.Analyzing your fitness goals:-

Definitions of fitness varies from person to person ,for some it is passion and for some its a way to live healthy life but most of us fail to analyze what exactly is our fitness goal.

Like a teenager ,college student in his early twenties will focus entirely on muscle building  but a person in his thirties will try to stay active by doing some kind of physical activity. So before starting one needs to figure out whether he is doing physical exercise to build muscle,loose weight, gaining lean muscle mass etc.

2. Motivation to begin:-

In my opinion this is the toughest challenge ahead of you and believe me if you find that desired motivation everything will be easy from now on.So motivation can come from anywhere whether it be looking yourself in mirror,your medical ailment which is bothering you and your family or looking attractive in those party wear clothes .

However,  sitting at home and thinking about a miracle will not give you that desired motivation what you need to do is just get a move on,so just start,lets say just walk for 15-20 minutes every day ,it may be anytime of the day you like.

Believe me in a weeks or ten days time you will start feeling the changes, your body will feel lighter,you will be more active and that’s where you will find your motivation. You just have to keep in mind that you wont transform overnight.

Remember all those junk food you ate and unhealthy lifestyle you were living for all those years,so be patient with your transformation .But is it just the motivation which will help you lead a healthy life , well that brings you to your next challenge.

3. A goal oriented fitness program :-

You will surely need a plan to carry on from here so design your fitness plan keeping your goal in mind and create balanced routine for it.Try and accommodate at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week to begin with,starting it low and then increasing the intensity by the passage of every week. Try and incorporate different activities like running ,jogging,playing any sport,moderate weight lifting  in your daily routine from there on . Also a  fitness program for beginners at home is suggested by me. Look for the article .


note:-Keeping yourself hydrated  is very very important whether you are living a active lifestyle or a moderate but the importance of keeping yourself hydrated increases much more while incorporating workout in your daily routine ,so try to drink at least 03-04 liters of water everyday  and try and sip at least 750ml of water throughout your workout.

4.Eliminating that Junk food from your diet:-

Well who doesn’t love eating Junk food, even I do,but is it consumption bringing any positive impact on your body,no not at all.Try reducing all those pizzas,burgers,aerated drinks,chocolates, excessive Tea, sugar intake  from your daily diet. Not only they make you consume those extra calories but hinder your daily progress which you are taking towards your fitness goals.

Rather replace your diet with fruits,vegetable salad,Milk,coffee,dry fruits etc which not only provide you with good calories but also will fulfill the requirements of essential micro-nutrients in your body.

5.Getting adequate rest and sleep:-

In this busy lifestyle we all have lost a important plot to give adequate rest to our body.Daily workouts besides your  day to day life can take a severe toll on your body and excessive fatigue could creep in which may negatively impact your body and hinder your goals.

So,try and incorporate at least two days rest in a week between your workouts  and try to have at least 08  hour of sound sleep daily.Remember your muscles also needs to relax and replenish itself for providing adequate energy to your body for achieving its goals.

6.Monitoring your progress:-

Monitoring your progress not only helps you to stay in check but it also keeps you motivated throughout your journey.You are not required to track your progress on a daily basis because not only it is useless but it will sometimes make you feel demotivated.

My suggestion to you is Click your photographs, measure your body fat percentage or measure size of your muscles every month. Note to make a report card of it and maintain it every month to keep yourself on right track.This will not only give you a clearer picture about your fitness goals and the way you are going along with it but also you can bring change in your workout regime if you think that something is not going your way.

So now that we have understood basics behind Starting Fitness Journey Its time to move on to advantages of Staying Fit:-

1. Acts a s a complete stress buster. Whenever you feel like stressed engage yourself in some sort of physical activity .

2. Reduced chances of Heart and other diseases(Diabetes,metabolic syndrome etc )related to old age.

3. makes you proactive and changes your attitude towards life.Its make you a tougher person and helps you more determined and disciplined in life.

4. Irrespective of Your age you become a source opf inspiration for others. I myself started my journey getting motivated fropm a 60 year old man and i can promise you he can still beat me in running half marathons.

5. Results into stronger bones,ligaments and joints. Improvement in physical appearance

6. Delays aging,fights depression.

So Now Starting fitness journey for people in the age of 40’s and 50’s

Individual after this age began to face several health problems like higher cholesterol levels , BP, heart problems,diabetes ,joint pain,muscle cramps,weaker bones,shrinking of muscles and lower testosterone levels.  So other then all the 06 aspects which I have mentioned above these group of people must follow below mentioned healthier life stile tips.

Stress is the biggest issue which can be because of work,family,children, financial aspects etc.So these individuals should give at-least an hour for moderate physical activity daily and if possible in morning hours . This will help you feel motivated,fresh and boost your energy levels. Forget about the hardships in life for the moment. Lots of people in this age group rely highly on medicines which makes them depressed .rather they should enjoy life eating healthy food, spending happy times with family and friends and appreciating whatever they have got in life. Believe me it will do wonders for you. Lots of trainers out their would suggest different program and diet charts ,but enjoy life and stay happy that’s the biggest cure.

Starting Fitness Journey as a career

Earlier career in fitness was mainly related to bodybuilding . However over the years fitness is a lot more than bodybuilding .People have started perusing fitness a career which include becoming personal trainer,becoming a you tube fitness professional ,nutritionist, supplement experts and also a blogger like me.

There is vast scope of making money and education people in fitness industry. People wanting to pursue it just have to gain knowledge which includes( body anatomy.nutrition,workout program,etc), people in this field also posses a fitness certificate from a good institute like ACE etc. However these things could be learnt from books and internet as well ,you just have to be passionate about what you do.

Being a blogger I would like to highlight your attention towards blogging as a  career option. If you want to be a fitness blogger in fitness niche you have several options like writing on Muscle building,fat loss, nutrition, well-being, workout program ,injury prevention etc. However you have to have complete understanding of the topic you choose.It must be detailed and full of information. Its a very good platform if you have good writing skills and you want to contribute to the fitness community. You will also make a good amount of money through blogging after a certain period of time ,you just have to be patient a write good content. Try an go through this article which gives complete information about how to make money from blogging.

So this was all about starting fitness journey as a beginner ,workout plan,fitness for people in 40’s and 50’s and also fitness as career .Hope you enjoyed .


I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO of Kirola Sports Private Limited. Former national level player in basketball, taekwondo and high jump. I have also started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Health, fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. My only aim is to make every individual fit and healthy. I will be motivated if my blogs motivates you to take one step closer towards your fitness goals. Kirola team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people and about their struggles and achievements. If  you need any assistance and guidance related to health and fitness. Contact us.

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