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Side Effects Of Guava Leaves Tea


Side effects of guava leaves

Scientifically known as ‘Pisidum Guajava Linnaeus’. Guava is one of the most commonly available fruit around us. It has many medicinal qualities and nutrients making it a natural remedy for many of our problems. The health benefits of guava leaves have already been covered in one of the previous blogs, so in this we bring the side effects of guava leaves.

Every good has a bad, and guava is no exception. In medical science it is well understood that medicine and poison come from the same root. The only difference is how it is produced or consumed and sometimes, too much of something can also be negative.

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Side Effects of Guava Leaves

Complications for pregnancy

Guava leaves are not bad, but the fact remains that there are not much research done on guava leaves. Pregnant women nurture not only their bodies, but also the growing fetus inside them. Hence, it is not generally recommended for the pregnant ladies to consume guava leaves.

Breast feeding

The baby eat what the mother consumes. It is common for humans to get sick or be ill and women who have recently given birth are the ones who are most prone to disease breakouts due to the weakness. Guava tea has a strong medicinal content which needs to be avoided by breast feeding mothers, as the milk the child drinks would be produced on the food consumption of the mother.


As mentioned before, guava leaves are bitter by nature, as it thins the blood consuming this at a high rate can result in the person being anemic, getting frequent headache and might even affect the kidney.

Reaction with other Drugs

Guava leaves are bitter, they help in relieving high blood pressure, and since there is a lack of research done, it is not recommended to be consumed if the person is taking other drugs.

Side Effects of Guava Fruit

May cause Bloating

Guava contains high fiber which may increase the risk of gas as people can’t digest fiber. It becomes a health risk agent as the bacteria in digestive tract break down the fiber which can lead to the problem of gas developing in your stomach lining.

Prevents stool from passing

Guava fruit consumption cleans our stomach and is also known to cure diarrhea, but for people who already have difficulty or complication passing stool, guava fruit becomes a bane.

There is not enough medical evidence to support their effectiveness or safety when used as medicines.  Too much use of anything leads to problems as the body doesn’t always soak all the medicinal qualities and nutrition that the food provides.

Recommended dosage of Guava Leaves Tea

Well in our last article regarding the benefits of guava leaves tea, in that article, we have also covered the procedure to make the guava leaves tea. There are few points which you should always keep in mind to avoid side effects of guava leaves. 

  • Do not take excessive amount of leaves for making the tea. 5-6 leaves are recommended by the experts 
  • Consumption of guava leaves tea should be maximum two times a day.
  • Don’t store it for reuse. It is always recommendable to drink fresh tea.
  • You can also consume it on empty stomach for better results.
  • Always consult your pharmacist, physician or healthcare professional before using.

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