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Cold Drinks ? Are They Safe For You?


Side effects of cold drinks

Who doesn’t like fizzy drinks? On a hot summer day when your throat feels like the Sahara Desert and that refreshing drink buzzes inside you and wakes up your system, it’s simply amazing. Well, that’s how I feel but it is not uncommon for people to dislike it either. In this article we will discuss about both benefits and side effects of cold drinks.

But! Which expert has not condemned cold drinks? “All Fizzy drinks are harmful for your health,” they say. Well… they are not entirely wrong. Cold drink are carbonated drinks and at most it gives us a refreshing burst for a few minutes, until its gone.

Lets dive into the health benefits and side effects of  cold drinks.

Side Effects of cold drinks

The reason for starting with side effects of cold drinks is simple; cold drinks cause out body more harm than it does good.It is no secret that cold drinks are carbonates and that it contains different acid levels that may or may not be hazardous for the body. Let’s discover.

1. Disrupt Sleep 

Cold drinks are caffeinated which are also highly addictive. The caffeine in these drinks will affect our sleeping habits which in itself is very risky because human body needs ample of rest to properly function. It prevents sleep which causes a chain reaction in the body, which can never be good (and that’s putting it lightly).

2.Causes Tooth Erosion and bone decay

Cold  drinks contain Phosphoric acid which is a food additive added to colas to give them a tangy flavor, but too much of it in our system can disrupt proper calcium metabolism essential for healthy bones.

If you are into drinking too much cold drinks, go check your teeth, because that is what will happen to your bones in a few years. My suggestion is use straw to consume soft drink and always brush your teeth after that, it will reduce your chances of tooth decay.

I should go get my teeth checked too… healthy drinks, here I come!

3. Increases Obesity Risk In Children

Who doesn’t like to drink these fizzy, funny drinks? Bring theme here, they deserve a pat on the back and some praise. Cold drinks are neither natural nor are they healthy and to add on to that, they are caffeinated which has no place in a children’s diet.

Rather, it has negative effects as the sugary drinks can help fat build up in muscles and liver which can lead to heart disease in the future.

4.Increases Risk of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Sugar contents in cold drinks are high which can result in spike of blood glucose level which leaves you satisfied only for a short amount of time. Too much of anything is never good and it is especially so when it comes to the body.  The body feels fatigue and hunger which can be devastating for your waistline and skinny jeans and also increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes.

It’s true that what’s inside is more important than what’s on the outside, but as they say, moderation is the key, so… I’d vote for keeping my waistline and skinny jeans as I like them very much!

5.Can Cause Kidney Trouble

Phosphoric acid in colas causes urinary disturbances, kidney stones, and chronic kidney disease. But, no one is saying you have to entirely stop drinking them! Moderation is, after all, the key. Drinking these fizzy drinks daily is what causes our system to go haywire so to prevent these (ugly problems), we can try to minimize our soft drinks intake and increase out water and green tea intake.

6.Can Cause Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Commonly used sweetener in soft drinks is called high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) produced from corn starch, also cheaper than sugar. Unlike Glucose, the fructose can only be broken down by the liver and when consumed in excess, it results in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Few More Side Effects Of Cold drinks

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Weight gain
  • Heart problems
  • Dental problems/ Tooth decay
  • Kidney diseases
  • Asthma
  • Bone loss


If we talk about side effects of cold drinks we have to cover it benefits part also.  Below are mentioned some of the short term benefits of cold drink consumption.


Caffeine is not good for a person’s health, but sometimes, meeting the deadline becomes more important than getting a few hours of extra sleep. It is, of course not recommended for children to apply these methods, school work is important but at a growing stage, sleep is even more so.

The sugar and caffeine in soft drinks provide for an instant boost, a good source for instant energy and a protection from the heat that seems to be wearing and bearing you down. It may be a temporary solution, but none-the-least it is a solution.

2.Carbon Dioxide

Soft drinks contain carbonated water, a primary ingredient needed for soft drinks. Carbonated water was created by Joseph Priestly in the year 1767, since then, carbonated water has been proven to be very beneficial for gastrointestinal tract.

Carbonated water in soft drinks are a temporary relieve for digestive problems, gas formation, eases stomach ache, helps in digestion, alleviates constipation and cures nausea.

It is a must if you are planning to go on a long road trip, you can be in need of an instant energy source and some other matters anytime.


This ingredient can be found in almost all natural food , it helps your body retain water and avoid muscle cramp, keeps electrolyer balance and the sugar also keeps from drop in blood pressure.

Well, now you know you can use soft drink as an emergency measure if you have the above mentioned problems.

I guess I have provided you with enough reasons for not to consume cold drinks sighting the side effects of cold drinks. If you are a fitness freak and have a specific goal in mind like fat loss or muscle building and even maintaining your health and fitness you must avoid its consumption. For more online fitness tips regarding the healthy alternatives of cold drinks you can go through our fitness blogs.


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