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Side effect of smoking : Best Reasons To Quit It

Side effect of smoking on Health and Fitness

Side effect of smoking

You have surely heard a million times how smoking can have negative effects on your health and fitness. But, despite those graphic images that show the dangers of smoking, the number of people who smoke is still quite alarming.
Discover the risks associated with smoking and keep yourself safe from its harsh impacts. So in this article we will cover the side effect of smoking.

Side effect of smoking on Your Skin

Smoke has more than 4,000 chemicals that can change the elasticity and tone of your skin which can lead to the formation of sagging skin and skin wrinkles. It means you have a higher tendency to develop signs of premature aging. Smoking can also reduce the flow of blood to the skin which can result to a pale complexion.This is probably one of the biggest side effect of smoking.

Effects on Gums and Teeth

If you happen to be a chronic smoker, it is time to start taking extra care of your gums and teeth. Dental damages because of smoking include gum diseases, persistent bad breath, and yellow teeth. When you smoke, reports revealed that you also have higher chances of losing your teeth compared to those who don’t smoke.

Regular smoking can also result to bacteria accumulation in the gum area that can lead to inflammation. To avoid these and ensure that your teeth remain healthy, quit smoking right away and go to your dentist for a complete dental cleaning procedure.This is another side effect of smoking.

Effects on Lungs

Cases of lung cancer have increased in number all over the world. The toxins and carcinogens in cigarette smoke can decrease the oxygen amount that reaches the lung tissue. It can cause the development of various kinds of respiratory infections aside from the usual conditions such as cold and cough.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a common complaint for those who have chronic smoking habits. Aside from chronic lung issues, smoking is another main risk factor for lung cancer development. About 90% of cases of lung cancer all over the world are related to smoking.So you must be careful about this side effect of smoking.

Effects of smoking on Cardiovascular Functions

Side effect of smoking

Compared to those who are non-smokers, chronic smokers have higher risks of developing certain forms of cardiovascular ailments. Some of these include debilitating conditions such as atherosclerotic vascular disease, myocardial function, and unstable angina.

Continuous smoking can lead to buildup of fatty deposits in the carotid artery that provides the primary supply of blood to the brain. The deposits can then lead to narrowing of blood vessels that can lead to higher heart rate and poor circulation. Once this happens, it will just be a matter of time when the heart functions of the person can get compromised.

Side effects of smoking on Fitness

If you think that cigarette smoking will only affect your organ functions and physical appearance, you better think again. Based on studies, the gradual deterioration of lung and cardiac function because of smoking can restrict your ability for exercising properly.
Aside from this, it is more likely for a smoker to suffer from poor circulation, fast heart rate, and shortness of breath which then make a person become unable to keep up with the demands of physical training.

So guys ensure a little bit of cardio workout per day to be safe from the I’ll effects of smoking.

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