Navratri/fasting day diet Plan for All

NAVRATRI FASTING DAY DIET PLAN FOR ALLNavratri/fasting day diet plan for all

Navratri festival(07-09 days) is celebrated throughout the country twice in a year in which People at home Undertake fast or remain in fasting state . Navratri brings with it a number of restrictions in Indian Houses which can hamper the goals of fitness enthusiasts . In our homes we have to restrict ourselves from many food items including Wheat,Rice, brown Breads, garlic,ginger, Onion ,fish ,chicken ,Meat ,eggs. Some of the fitness enthusiasts take it as a concern as they cant consume muscle building foods. However for others like the individuals whose fitness goal is to loose some fat can take advantage of these 07-09 days. So here is The navratri/fasting day diet plan for all i.e bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts having fat loss .

So lets start with navaratri/fasting day diet plan for all

1. Navratri/fasting day diet plan for Muscle maintainance:

Individuals having goal of Muscle building are often concerned about muscle breakdown and loss of muscle during this duration i.e navratri/fasting day. However its not entirely true ,you can still maintain your muscle and even achieve a leaner physique if you follow a simple diet plan . You can always add a supplement like whey protein which will definitely help you fulfill your daily requirement of protein.This whole window you will be switching yourself from Heavy meals to light means which is very beneficial for your digestion.

Try out those smoothies which you have always heard about and some of the ingredients you will require is a scoop of peanut butter,Milk,Banana ,and a scoop of whey protein. Just blend it  and drink it twice a day. In addition you can have Paneer,yogurt and some fruits for a perfect meal. You have to remember that you have to consume much smaller meals than regular day like break it into 07-08 meals instead of 05-06 on regular days. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. You can focus on maintaining your strength and muscle mass and cut short your cardio for a week. You can always fulfill your carbs need with fruits and green veggies. If your aim is to keep gaining then you can further add servings of sweet Potato  before your workouts.

2. Navratri /fasting day diet plan for persons having fat loss as their target:-

Individuals having fat loss as their goal have a perfect window for getting some fat off their waist. Moreover they have to be in a caloric deficit and also can eat healthy throughout the day.

Persons under this category can limit their smoothie intake to One serving per day and can add snacks which include a serving of Nut (Almond,Resins) and a piece of fruit. You can also add sweet potato as an energy source for your workouts. However its a good thing that you are in a fat loss stage and eliminating extra carbs will give you great results. This group of people also have to eat high number of meals throughout the day .   Add a scoop or two of whey protein fulfilling your daily protein intake. Stay away from any marketed stuff which says its eatable at the time of fasting. They are always high in calories and will hamper your goals.

An important tip for both is try an add BCAA supplement and sip it throughout your day which will ensure preserving your muscle mass.It will not make you feel small,flat,shrink-ed .

A consolidated diet plan is provided below for muscle building and fat loss( reduce serving size for fat loss):-

First Meal: Protein Smoothie( One scoop whey,Milk,banana,Peanut butter,Cinnamon)

Second Meal :-Mixed Nuts( Almonds,Resins)

Third Meal  :-Sweet Potato and paneer with some veggies

Fourth Meal :- Smoothie and coconut water

Fifth Meal :- Mixed Nuts(Cashews and walnuts) + Any fruit

Sixth Meal :- Paneer Bhurji with added veggies

Seventh Meal :- A fruit bowl

Drink03-04 liters of water throughout the day and also add 03-05 dates before and after workout .

So her is complete navratri /fasting day diet plan for all.Happy Navratri.

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