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My Journey :-Shamali Limaye

Shamali means shadow of Krishna. Yes , my father named me . I  Shamali Limaye will take you through ups and downs of my journey.  

Early Days and Family background

My journey:- Shamli

Being from a dynasty of a dentist family, I was brought up in a very disciplined and passionate manner. My parents are dentist and in 2023 we are going to complete our dynasty of 100 years in Dentistry .

My mother decided to change the tradition and she made me to join swimming classes at the age of 02 . From 3 rd standard , I started my sports journey . I was good in athletics and attracted towards 100 m sprints(Best timing: 12.9 seconds) , 200 m(best time:27.5 seconds) and long jump( 4.9 meters) .

One day  during my PT classes my sports teacher noticed me and asked me to join some sports academy so that I can progress in my game . So I did the same  and enjoyed every moment of it ,which was probably the turning point in my journey. Professional training helped me in improving my basics towards my game and ultimately it enhanced my performance in competitions  .

I was good in studies too , scoring good marks was not tough task for me . I used to put all my energy in different sports. Till 10th standard , I used to go for swimming on weekends , two hour daily training for both athletics  and taekwondo .

My biggest supporter and admirer along my journey

My mother was so proud of me that she thought I will do wonders in sports, I was at the peak time of my career when I began to realize that I can achieve something big if I can carry on and strive much harder.    I was high on motivational front as  I played state level in taekwondo , district level in swimming and nationals in athletics.

I started getting scholarship from sports authority of India(SAI ) and support in getting my skills improved by training and conditioning. These were some of the best years of my life as I was living in my world of  Sports while achieving great results. My friends , family, school , coaches always appreciated me and motivated me to pursue my passion .

Break in my journey

Time changed , priority changed, and I also had to change my  path  . We often do feel pressurisd by people surrounding us  .

My life took a different turn in class 10th as people started saying that sports should be considered only as hobby as per the common  indian belief that there is no scope of career in sports . This is probably the reason our indian schools have always taken the sports as a extra curricular activity .

Girl who was always  recognized as an all-rounder, her family wanted to see her now  as a doctor. During my high school I had to make a decision between SAI training at Kerala for athletes and medical preparation in Islampur . But unfortunately, I had to leave my home for medical preparation.

No more sports no more life for me it seemed. I felt like a very big part is missing in my life which I can’t get it back .Sports was like an addiction to me , and it was a tough decision .  A girl who was so much into sports is now trying to make her career bright in studies .

Second Innings

After two year of struggle I got admission in BDS in Sangli . Parents were so happy for me , I joined my new college ,met new friends , new lecturer’s ,but yes one thing was definately missing and that was sports .

I decided to play again and regain my self esteem . My passion towards my sports acted as a trigger and it started all over again .

Training both in morning and in the evening became my daily routine .  I again started to participate  in competitions and that feeling/thought of holding medals in my hands became my motivational source.

Extra Curriculum activity

My Journey :-Shamli

One day one of my friend told me about an NGO rotaracter ( International social service club member ) . I took a keen interest that how these members of Rotaract group help needy people and make a happy environment for them to live by providing awareness and teaching programs . I decided to join them too .

On every weekends we use to visit rural areas and impart training regarding the health and hygeine .

My Motto:-

My Journey:- Shamali Limaye

In 2017 , I also participated in miss Sangli competition , Came up as the runner-up . I believe we have only one life and we should try everything in our lifetime . Sports is definately the best part for me for sure , but I never leave any chance to try new things in my life .Who knows ,what  God has kept for me in the store .

In 2017 I played inter university matches and was runner up in that . After winning state level tournament , managing my busy  routine, studies , I always ensured to make out time for  proper training which helped me getting  selected for Inter-University Nationals  .

It was one of my biggest dreams. Tournament  was held at Guntur ,in Dec 2017. I was also honoured to meet The P.T Usha in my nationals .

It was a tough competition , though I enjoyed it as it helped me to gain great experience and also met some of my idols.

My fitness mantra:-

Since my childhood I had always faced health issues, like cold and cough was very common and my parents were always worried about my health .Then one of my family doctor suggested that I should start getting involved  in physical activities . He mentioned that sports will help me in making my immunity system more stronger and the health issues will be minimised.

What next?

Currently I am studying in 3rd year in BDS and doing my external arts. I am a NCC and NSS cadet with B and C certificate. Don’t know where my life will take me in future but my heart knows that I can’t live without my passion i.e sports.

I aspire to become an officer of Indian Army and also studying in sports medicine. May be time will tell what exactly I will become but one thing is for sure that sports has made me now a person who can think beyond any boundary and have the gut to achieve it .

I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO of Kirola Sports Private Limited. Former national level player in basketball, taekwondo and high jump. I have also started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Health, fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. My only aim is to make every individual fit and healthy. I will be motivated if my blogs motivates you to take one step closer towards your fitness goals. Kirola team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people and about their struggles and achievements. If  you need any assistance and guidance related to health and fitness. Contact us.


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