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My Journey :-Mohit Kumar

My Journey- Mohit Kumar( Arm Wrestler)

My Journey :- Mohit Kumar

It doesn’t matter what sport you choose ,they all take dedication and hard work to achieve big in them . I Mohit Kumar will take you through My Journey from being a simple boy to representing my Country at international platform in arm wrestling .

My journey Mohit Kumar
Mohit kumar

I was born and raised in a small city Farrukhabad,near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh . My father is a Policeman serving in UP Police and my mother is a housewife. I have a younger sister . This is our small family who never had much bigger dreams until it all changed one day.

Learning in early Life and Motivation-

Earlier, I was having no interest towards sports as I wanted to be a music director due to my never ending love for music. However one day I met with a life changing experience while returning from college .I was  passing through a sports field. I spitted on the ground unintentionally. Seeing this, one of the sports coaches present there, came near me and scolded me for the same (this according to him was a crime). I felt bad and said sorry to him. Later that night, I couldn’t manage to sleep as I was always thinking about the devotion and dedication of that coach towards sports and ground.

My Entry into sports-

The very next day, I came back to the coach, Mr Praveen Singh Jadon, and asked him to suggest me something in sports. He was a Judo coach and observed my physique (which is strong built  by God’s grace) . He suggested me to try my hand at arm wrestling. Since then I started working on strengthening my body and participated in competitions from the  year 2013 at local levels.

My Struggle and Family Support-

Its very true that when you want to achieve something and you have a specific aim, sooner or later your chances will come to show your talent.  I got selected for the nationals in year 2013 which were held at Guwahati. However time is not on your side always, my family were  facing some financial crisis and was unable to bear even the minimal expenses of family. They have always been my side as my pillar of strength. They wanted that I represent my country at national level but didn’t have money.But by gods grace ,my Coach, Mr Jadon Sir arranged money for me to participate in the event.

My Sports Journey-

I Started arm wrestling in 78 kg and 86 kg category in year 2013 and participated in Nationals at Guwahati but was not able to grab any medal. I started participating in more competitions to get qualified for 2014 Nationals at Bhimrao Ambedakar Auditorium, Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. In that event, I won Gold  both at state & district level and silver at national level.

After that I never looked back and won silver in nationals held at Mathura. I am also a winner of silver medal in 108 kg category. After winning at national levels, I got selected for the international camps which was probably the best time of my Journey.

In 2015 at common wealth games complex, Delhi, I won gold in 78 kg category and silver in 86 kg category. In year 2016, at Jamshedpur, I represented India and clinched a silver medal for the country by defeating South Africa.

Soon I got recognition through local newspapers and social media and I started getting invitations from various schools for coaching. In November, 2016, Traditional games association of India appointed me as a technical official in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am also a national level referee of arm wrestling.

My contribution to sports-

My journey Mohit Kumar

Sports have always been a essential part of my life, not only in arm wrestling but I also was good at Kabaddi. For my part time earning I started giving kabaddi coaching in schools. The coaching turned fruitful as one of my student made it to Haryana pro league in Kabaddi. In my coaching career, 4 of my students went up to nationals in kabaddi and 6 of my students in arm wrestling. This feat gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction as I could contribute to uplift sports and make students achieve greater heights in their journey.

I started  my own academy after this which is at Kasganj where I provide free kabaddi and volleyball coaching to 150+ students . In South Asian games championship held in Howrah, West Bengal, 3 students from my academy won gold for India.

Upcoming Tournaments

In the Nationals held at Lucknow recently, UP team won 11 medals in Arm wrestling . Out of these medal holders, 7 students will participate in India-Pakistan series in Dubai.
I got an appreciation in the form of Khel Guru Award for promoting students at international level.

My Diet and fitness mantra-

I have always emphasized on strength training (compound movements ) and a healthier diet to stay fit and healthy. My day starts with a glass of juice and then I take some fruits in lunch with gram and lentils. I always maintain a stable and healthy diet chart and try to fulfill my macro and micro requirements through diet only.

I am very thankful to Mykhelbook and fitfunda for giving me the opportunity to portray my Journey . I hope that my journey gives some sort of motivation to my sports enthusiastic friends out there. I also welcome students who want to take arm wrestling as a career option and learn the sport. Besides all the ups and downs you ultimately achieve what you aim for. This was my Journey -Mohit Kumar.


                                                                                                               Mohit Kumar

I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO of Kirola Sports Private Limited. Former national level player in basketball, taekwondo and high jump. I have also started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Health, fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. My only aim is to make every individual fit and healthy. I will be motivated if my blogs motivates you to take one step closer towards your fitness goals. Kirola team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people and about their struggles and achievements. If  you need any assistance and guidance related to health and fitness. Contact us.

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