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Muscle Building Diet tips for vegetarians

vegetarian food source for muscle building

Muscle building diet tips for vegetarians

Muscle building diet tips for vegetarians is very essential especially when they want to put on some muscle. It is a controversial belief for many years that animal based protein(Meat,beef,etc)are the only way to pack on muscle size. However over the years it has been found that a balanced vegetarian diet including pl

ant protein assist in developing your muscle size. So lets start with Muscle building diet tips for vegetarians

There can be a variety of protein sources for vegetarians  some of which include Soy products, Nuts,Seeds,leafy ,vegetables,legumes,grains etc. But before we start we have to understand that ve

getarian diet is also classified into three types.

1.Vegans :- Vegetarian diet that excludes all animal based protein ( Meat,beef ) and also eggs and Dairy products(Milk,Cheese etc)

2. Lactose vegetarians :- Vegetarian diet that excludes all animal based protein ( Meat,beef ) and  eggs but includes Dairy products (Milk ,Cheese etc)

3.Lactose-Ovo-Vegetarian :- Vegetarian diet that excludes all animal based protein ( Meat,beef ) but includes eggs and dairy products in your diet.

So here we will target our focus on Lactose-Ova-Vegetarian .

Now coming to our main topic which is Muscle Building Diet tips for vegetarians just follow these simple points:-

1.Athletes and people who want to build muscle must consume at least 5-6 meals per day.It ensures availability of vital nutrients when they need it the most. Make sure you eat every 02-03 hours and your diet must consist of balanced amounts of proteins,Carbohydrates and Fats. Kindly refer to my earlier article. It ensures that you will not do overeating and a constant supply of energy is provided for your body .

2. You have to keep in mind that not every protein source is equal. Some protein for example eggs,dairy products etc provide you with all 09 essential amino acids in adequate ratio required for humans.

On the other hand many plant based proteins doesn’t contain all 09 essential amino acids. So try to match up your protein intake with different sources of protein example eggs,dairy products,nuts,grains,legume,leafy vegetables etc. Drink plenty of water throughout the day .

Note:-A average person requires 0.8 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.You can adjust it according to your goals  for example 0.8 being the lowest and when you try to reduce fat and 1.5 when you want to gain size.

3.Remember more than half of your calories must come from Complex carbohydrates  like whole wheat bread,brown rice,Sweet potato,Oatmeal and fruits and vegetables. This will fuel your muscle throughout the day.

4.Don’t forget consuming that healthy fat .Its  a major source of fuel for your body as it provides lots of calories per gram (09 calories per gram). It also help you absorb certain nutrients such as fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A,D,E and K) and antioxidants and provides with Omega -3 which is very healthy for brain and heart functions. Kindly refer to my earlier article.

5.At last you can add a plant based protein supplement in your diet. It is to ensure that your protein intake of the day is in check even if you have missed a meal or two throughout your day. However supplements are only a little add ons and you must stay focused to take your nutrients from your food sources. Here is the list of top plant based protein supplement which you can add in your diet.

So here were some of the Muscle building diet tips for vegetarians which I hope you like.





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