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How To Lose Belly Fat: Top 05 Tips

How to lose belly fat for both men and women

How to loose belly fat

Whether it’s man or women one thing which comes to everybody’s mind is that how to lose belly fat . Having a fat belly is not only a vanity issue, but more deeply a health issue. Belly fat can mean you have a medical problem like heart disease and diabetes. It is crucial to get rid of belly fat the right way to make sure that the body will be healthy. Here we will discuss about the Top 05 tips of how to lose belly fat .

Lose belly fat for men and women

How to loose belly fat

There are different ways to lose those unwanted belly fats, and the top five methods are:

1. Avoid eating food with sugar and sugar-sweetened drinks

– Sugar is half glucose and half fructose and the liver cannot metabolize too much fructose and it turns into fat. Sugar in the liquid form adds more calories to the body and has the risk of increasing obesity by 60%. So try and completely eliminate sugary drinks and added sugars from your diet. Added sugar makes every food high in calories and that too unhealthy calories.

2. Eat food with protein

– Protein is an essential nutrient that the body needs and it aids in weight loss. It has amino acids that boost the metabolism. Protein lessens food cravings by 60% which is great for losing belly fat. So try and have protein sources like eggs , chicken breast, broccoli, tofu , paneer etc in your each meal .Ensure dividing this protein content in right proportion throughout your meals.

3. Reduce the carbs from your diet

– Reducing carbs brings down the appetite and promotes weight loss. We all know lowering of carbs makes the big impact . This doesn’t means that you completely eliminate them as they are the powerhouse of energy . So try consuming only complex carbs like whole wheat, brown rice , brown bread etc and yeah oats especially.

4. Eat fiber-rich food

– Foods that are rich in fiber are great for losing the fats in the belly. Fiber helps regulate the digestive system, aids in flushing out harmful toxins from the body.

5. Exercise regularly

– Regular exercise, together with a healthy diet ensures how to lose belly fat.

Exercises to get rid of belly fat
1. Yoga
2. Different crunches
3. Bicycle exercise
4. Lunge twist
5. Rolling plank exercise
6. Walking
7. Running
8. Jogging
9. Swimming
10. Cycling

Besides above mentioned exercises try and do resistance and strength training which will not only give you strength but also burn higher number of calories as they work on multiple muscle groups at the same time. Some of the example of these exercises include squats, deadlifts, military press , bench press etc. If women think that these exercises will make you bulky ,rest assure that it wont. So both man and women must incorporate them in their workout.

I have also provided you with list of healthy foods in your answer to How to lose belly fat.

Proper diet and nutrition

Proper diet, exercise and getting enough essential nutrients will help in losing the belly fat. Eating foods that will aid in the goal are:

1. Oatmeal – rich in fiber and makes you stay full longer.To get the perfect recipe please go through the article.

2. Almonds – rich in monosaturated fat and has Vitamin E to reduce cholesterol and burn fat.

3. Olive oil – the hormones in the oil will make your brain think that you are full

4. Green vegetables and fruits– healthy and full of fiber, good for the digestive system to flush out unhealthy toxins

5. Dark chocolate – rich in zinc, enhances the mood.

6. Less salt – salt can retain water in the body and will bloat the stomach, so better keep it very low.

7. Yoghurt – promotes healthy bacteria in the stomach and gets rid of harmful bacteria that cause bloating of the belly.

So these were the simple methods of how to lose belly fat . Practice them in your daily life to get maximum results.

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