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How To Gain Muscle Fast

How To gain Muscle Size: Best Tips and TricksHow To gain Muscle

When it comes to gaining size we all have in mind questions like How to gain muscle size, how to make process fast, how to do it naturally and at home, what workouts to be done to speed up the process . However we all need to understand the science behind the process . Here I will discuss How to gain muscle.

How Do Muscles grow? Science behind it.

After you workout a cellular  process starts in which your body starts to repair and replace damaged muscle fibers. In this process it fuses the damaged muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strand. This new strand is also called mayo fibrils. These mayo fibrils increases in number and thickness to result into muscle growth . This is called muscle hypertrophy(growth). One thing to be understood here that this muscle growth process does not take place when you are working out,rather it takes place when your body is at rest. That is why rest has been given equal importance as workout and nutrition in fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Lets understand the mechanism of muscle growth

When you apply tension in your muscle by progressively increasing weights you lift . You are actually damaging your muscles which forces the process of muscle growth . The soreness of muscle after workout and a day after is actually the muscle damage . The process of muscle repair usually takes time from 24-48 hours. In this period the diet, nutrition and rest you give to your body determines the rate of muscle growth and muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle hypertrophy is usually slow in some people especially beginners .That’s why beginners don’t see visible results upto several weeks after starting work out.This is because most of these changes are base on the ability of nervous system to activate your muscles.

How to gain muscle  fast and naturally?

There is no shortcut to gaining muscle mass . However the process can be fasten up by incorporating certain tips and tricks in your workout which i am about to discuss here.

1. Getting Stronger:-

Getting stronger is the main thing which comes to mind while you want to grow your muscle size. Incorporating Compound movements in your workout will provide you with immense strength which will increase overtime. The movements include squats,dead-lifts, military press, rows, bench press etc. . These movements also help you increase your testosterone levels which aid in muscle building process.

2. Progressively increase weight:-

For gaining size you must forget about pump and soreness of muscle. Remember no pain know gain. Lift heavy weight which is enough heavy that you can only make out 05-06 reps max . So try and increase weight each week and track your progress. This will make you gain strength and muscle overtime.

3. Switch over to barbell workouts:-

The studies have shown that you can lift heavier weight from barbells then on machines and dumbbells. So try out the barbell workouts if you are still relying on machines. Through my experience I have found out that barbell workout not only  lets you lift heavier weights but also takes care of your form.

4. Increase frequency of your training:

Hit two muscle group  a day, but not on consecutive days. This will not only bring them under constant tension which will trigger it to grow faster. You may also improve your technique which will enable you to lift heavy after some time. So try incorporating compound movements in your workout at least multiple times a week.

5. Eat More to get big:-

This concept is still in place because if you don’t provide your body with sufficient macros it will not be able to repair damaged muscle fibers. Try and be in calorie surplus if you want to gain size. Size will definitely come along-with some fat but don’t worry about it , its the part and parcel of the long process.

06. Don’t underestimate the importance of rest and recovery:-

This is according to me is the most important tip to you all. We often think that training each day will increase the muscle growth process. however it has many negatives to it. You must ensure proper recovery to get stronger and bigger. So ensure at-least 02-03 days of rest period throughout the week so maximize muscle gain results.

07. Consistency is the key:-

Taking rest day sometimes can make you feel demotivated to start again the next day. However that’s why its important to keep yourself motivated and focused. You have to be consistency over a longer period of time to see results . Getting a good physique is all about consistency and hard work so keep moving towards your goal.

08 .Consume protein rich diet:-

Importance of protein can never be ruled out. It is the main building block of muscle. Food like Fish,Chicken, Meat, Eggs, Paneer, tofu, Spinach etc are rich in protein and must be incorporated in diet. Try and consume atleast 1-1.5 gram protein per pound of your body weight to maximize the results.

09. Drink a lot of water.

Drink a lot of water throughout the day .This will keeps you hydrated and replenish your energy levels . Also ,ensure carrying a bottle to your gym or at home and sip through at-least 01 liter of water during that period.

10 .Eat a lot of veggies and fruits in your diet.

Try and include a lot of vegetables like cucumber,spinach,broccoli, carrot and cabbage etc along with some seasonal fruits in your diet. This will not only give you good carbs but also acts as antioxidants. Try and consume your meals every 02-02 hours and have atleast 06 meals a day. Divide your macros accordingly with each meal and have a balanced diet.

Rate of Muscle growth:

For beginners its 0.25kg/0.5 lbs  lean muscle mass per week if they follow good workout program. This gain becomes somewhat less during the second year and comes out to be 0.12 kg/0.25 lbs muscle mass per week. This further comes down during the third year onwards which is also difficult to track. rate of muscle growth also depends on other factors such as staying consistent ,eating proper micros and macros and having proper recovery period.

Some guys can gain muscle faster than the other like for teenagers muscle growth is faster because of their higher testosterone level. People who are skinny and hard-gainers gain muscle at a much faster rate because they are underweight. On the other hand older people gain muscle slower because of their low testosterone levels. This rate further keeps on decreasing as the age increases.

In the first three years you gain muscles at a faster rate however the gains are almost non noticeable on monthly basis after that. In an year or so you will see some noticeable gains. The body builders you see on stage spend almost 10-15 years for reaching up to that level. So don’t expect quick gains and results in few weeks and months.

How to gain muscle  at home:-

Its a myth that muscles can only be made in the gym. There are several individuals out their who have made great results working out at home. For building muscles at home you need you work your entire body parts splitting in two parts. Like twice a week you have to train upper body and twice lower body and ensuring 02-03 days of recovery period .

For upper body you can perform movements like push ups ,pull ups , presses with pair of dumbbells,biceps curls and triceps dips. For your lower body and lower back you can perform movements like squats , lunges ,wall sits dead-lifts using dumbbell etc. Exercise like push ups and pull ups also comes under compound exercises as they hit multiple muscle groups of your body.

Muscle gaining supplements?

I am not a very big admirer of supplements . Supplements are just add on as the name suggests . It can enhance your performance but not the only magic formula which will transform you  overnight. In my opinion nutrition is 90% and rest is 10 % supplementation. The fitness enthusiast who find it difficult to complete their daily protein requirement can go for any whey protein . When proteins are 100% natural and can help you produce better results. A good whey protein contains around 24-25 grams of protein which is almost equivalent to 06 egg whites. Therefore these are easy to consume and fast absorbing. They also come with a good amino acid profile which help in better absorption of protein.

My second supplement would be creatine Mono-hydrate . This supplement is most researched supplement in fitness industry and provides you with number of benefits including gaining strength, building muscle, lifting heavier weights in the Gym etc.

Third essential supplement is Multivitamin. We often sideline this supplement but it is very necessary to provide you with essential micronutrients which is important for your overall wellness.

My next supplement would be a good fish oil or omega -3 supplement which is again important for brain ,heart and joint . If You are lifting heavier and spending high energy during your workout you get devoid of these essential micro-nutrients .Therefore besides macros i.e protein,carbohydrates and fats ,its essential to fulfill your micro-nutrient requirements.

How To gain Muscle :best tips and tricks

Lets now talk about   some of my secret tips from which I got results . These are Start lifting heavy, Perform a compound movement each day to ensure high T-Levels. Increase your carb intake which will ensure meeting your daily calorie intake , only have complex carbs in your meal (Brown bread,wheat ,brown rice etc) .

After every 03 weeks of following a program perform super-sets and drop-sets for the fourth week. This will ensure that your body is not used to same workout . Perform a bigger and a smaller muscle groups per day like legs with shoulder, back with biceps and chest with triceps. Lower your cardio if you want to gain muscle ,perform it not more than twice a week to ensure that you don’t burn too many calories which hamper your muscle gain program. Stay hydrated always if you are taking in creatine supplement . Some cases suggest that it can negatively affect your kidney if you don’t drink at-least 03-04 liters of water per day .Finally,give your body ample amount of time to recover so that it can grow over the time and also will make you stay away from injury.


So guys here were some of the essential things you needed to know about gaining muscle size . I have also shared to you my secret of how to gain muscle  which I have used throughout my journey and has given me great results . I hope you all enjoyed my article and it helps you people out there.








I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO of Kirola Sports Private Limited. Former national level player in basketball, taekwondo and high jump. I have also started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Health, fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. My only aim is to make every individual fit and healthy. I will be motivated if my blogs motivates you to take one step closer towards your fitness goals. Kirola team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people and about their struggles and achievements. If  you need any assistance and guidance related to health and fitness. Contact us.

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