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How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi

How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi

Testosterone main male sex hormone h but females me small amount me hota h. Ye steroid hormone bhi h jo ki men’s testicles or women’s ovaries me produce hota h. How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi  artcile me aapko kuch aise tips k bare me batayenge jo ki aap aaram se follow kar sakte ho.

Boys me jab puberty ka time aata h to testosterone sabse main driver hota h jiski vajah se physical changes hote h jaise muscle increase hona, deeper voice aur hair growth. Adults me testosterone ka healthy levels hona bahut important h overall health k liye, disease se bachne k liye, body composition, sexual function or muscles build karne k liye bahut hi jaruri h. Testosterone level increase karne se muscle mass me rapid gains hone lagte h or wo bhi kuch hi weeks me.

How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi

Exercise and Lift Weights

Exercise sabse effective way h lifestyle related diseases se bachne ka. Isse aapka testosterone bhi boost hota h. Large review study me dekha gaya ki jo log regularly exercise karte the unme higher testosterone level tha. Resistance training jaise weight lifting best type of exercise h testosterone level ko increase karne k liye. High intensity training bhi bahut effective h. Caffeine or creatine monohydrate supplements bhi testosterone level ko boost karne me help kar sakte h agar aapne inko training program k sath include kiya h to.

Eat Protein, Fat and Carbs

Food ka major impact padta h testosterone level pe or sath hi dusare hormones pe bhi. Appko long term k liye apni calorie intake or diet strategy ko thk rakhna hoga. Constant dieting or overeating aapke testosterone level ko kharb kar sakti h. Protein ki diet thk se lene pe aap healthy level maintain kar sakte h or aapko fat loss me bhi help milega jo ki aapke testosterone se hi associated h. Carbs intake bhi important role play karta h, research me ye h ki resistance training k time carbs testosterone level ko optimize karne me help karti h. Sufficient healthy fats bhi testosterone or health k liye important h.

How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi artcile me aage badhte h.

Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels

Long term stress hmesha se hi danger raha h health k liye.  Stress ki vajah se body me cortisol hormone ka level bhi badh jata h. Cortisol level badhne se testosterone level bhi kam ho jata h. Stress or high cortisol se food intake badh jata h or weight bhi badhne lagta h jiski vajah se harmful body fat store ho jata h organs ke pas. Health or hormone level ko thk rakhne k liye aapko stress level kam rakhna hoga.

Get Some Sun or Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D k bahut sare health benefits h or ye natural testosterone booster bhi h. Vitamin D hme sunlight se milti h or aksar iski deficiency se health problems hone lagte h. Testosterone boost karne k liye or sath hi vitamin D k baki k health benefits lene k liye regular exposure sunlight ka jaruri h ya phr around 3000 IU vitamin D3 supplement daily le sakte h.

Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins and minerals hmari healthy body k liye bahut hi important h. Ek study me dekha h ki zinc or vitamin b supplements sperm quality ko 74% se increase kar deta h. Zinc testosterone level boost karta h athletes me. Sab vitamins or minerals me se vitamin D or zinc sabse jayada asardar h testosterone ko boost karne k liye. How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi  article me aage bhi kuch tips k bare me jante h.

Get Plenty of Restful

Good sound sleep lena bahut hi important h aapki health k liye. Isse aapke testosterone level pe bhi effect padta h. Ideal amount of sleep person to person vary karti h. Ek study me dekha gaya h ki 5 hours per night sone se 15% reduction ho jata h testosterone level pe. Study me calculate kiya ki ek additional ghante sone se testosterone level 15% higher ho jata h. Atleast 7-10 hours sleep per night best h long term health or testosterone k liye.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Sirf kuch hi natural testosterone boosters hi ache h market me. Ashwagandha herb h jo ki testosterone level ko boost karne me help karta h. Study ne test kiya h infertile men k upar jisme dekha gaya ashwagandha herb k use se 17% testosterone level increase hua or 167% sperm count increase hua. Is herb se cortisol level bhi kam ho jata h. Ginger extract bhi testosterone level ko boost karne me help karta h or sath hi iske aur bhi bahut se benefits bhi h.

Ginger testosterone level boost karta h 17% se or sath hi other key sex hormone ko bhi boost karta h. Kuch aur bhi popular herbs h jaise horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, shilajit, aur tongkat ali.

Chaliye How to boost Testosterone naturally in Hindi article me aage badhte h.

Avoid Estrogen-like Compounds

Aur bhi bahut se factors h jo aapke hormone level par affect karte h. Healthy sex life bahut hi important role play karta h aapke sex hormone or testosterone level ko regulate karne me. Estrogen k high exposure jaise chemicals aapke level par effect dalti h so koshish kare ki BPA k daily exposure ko minimise kare, parabens or other chemicals jo ki plastic me hote h usko bhi kam rakhne ki koshish kare. Excess alcohol or drug use se bhi testosterone level kam hote h.

Why Do Testosterone Levels Matter?

25-30 ki age me man’s testosterone level naturally decline hone lagte h. Research me dekha gaya h ki low testosterone ki vajah se obesity, increased disease risk, premature death k chances hote h. Healthy testosterone level women k liye bhi bahut important h or sath hi baki k hormone jaise estrogen or progesterone bhi important h. Hm sabhi ki healthy lifestyle shuru karna jaruri h testosterone optimize karne k liye. Isse aapki health or body dono improve karegi sath me.

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