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HIIT for extreme fat loss


HIIT for extreme fat loss

HIIT for extreme fat loss  which is also known as High Intensity interval training ,also known as Sprint Interval training (SIT) is a kind of interval training in which you have to alternate short period of intense anaerobic exercises and active rest period. These are cardiovascular exercises in which your heart rate  rises to about 80-90 percent max heart rate and rest period heart rate  drops to 60-65 percent maximum heart rate.

It involves short burst say  30 seconds of an intense activity followed by 30 seconds of active rest period. The exercise must be from time period ranging from minimum of 3 minutes  to a maximum of 15 minutes or until you are unable to continue further . HIIT for extreme fat loss can be done at both home and outdoors.

Here is some of the sample workout which I would personally suggest for extreme results. Lets start with Home HIIT workout.

Home HIIT workout:-

Start With —-Jumping Jacks(30 Seconds)—-Body Weight Squats(30 seconds)—-Butt Kicks(30 seconds)—-High Knees(30 seconds).

After 02 minutes take active rest period of 30 Seconds in which you can flex your body or walk around in the house , have a sip of water to get your breath in place . Again repeat the same set of exercises in the same way until you complete around 15 minutes of total time. You can always do variations in your workouts pattern for example Jumping jacks(30 sec) followed by 30 sec active rest , then Body weight Squats (30 sec) followed by 30 sec active rest and so on.

You can also incorporate different workouts like Alternate leg lunges— Burpees— mountain climbers—planks followed by active rest periods and repetitions again. How to perform some of the aforesaid exercise you can refer my article Home workout for beginners.

Outdoor HIIT workouts:-

As I  told you earlier, it is also known as Sprint Interval training(SIT) ,in which you can include Sprints and rest periods in your workout. Performing sprint fro 30 sec followed by active rest of light jog for another 30 sec repeating the same for at least 10 minutes of total time.

Another excellent replacement of this outdoor workout and yes my favorite  is climbing up stairs.This is not only intense but hits all your leg muscles quite hard. Climb up the stairs as fast as you can and come down again at a normal pace to cool yourself. Repeat it as much as time and as hard as you can .

Advantages of HIIT :-

  • Your workout is hard and intense ,takes very short time to get completed and can be performed anywhere. .
  • You will burn fat for the rest of the day as it boost up your metabolism. In other words you will become a fat burning machine.
  • Maximum result in shortest possible time.
  • Will improve your stamina and endurance level ,especially if you are an athlete you must incorporate HIIT in your workouts.
  • Helps in keeping you motivated as it changes your regular workout routine.
  • Also helps you to get over that plateau stage during your fat loss journey. Try incorporating it as get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

Things you must keep in mind while switching on to HIIT for extreme fat loss.

  • If you are a beginner don’t push yourself too hard as your body will take time to get accustomed for this kind of workout. This is important to stay away from injuries.
  • If you are obese or overweight ,don’t start with HIIT as it can lead to tearing of ligaments(happened with one of my friends) , start with normal cardio and then slowly and gradually move on to HIIT workouts.
  • Always keep a stopwatch or any time keeper app so that you don’t over or under do your workouts.
  • Always keep sipping through some water during the HIIT workout which will keep you hydrated . Remember that HIIT can drain you out pretty fast so keeping yourself hydrates is very very important.





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