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Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Cardiovascular disease jisse hum heart disease bhi kahte h leading cause h India me mortality ka. Good news ye h ki proper self-care or medical counsel se aap heart diseases se bach sakte h. Bahut se Indians ko nhi pata ki unke kitne chances h heart disease hone k. Niche diye gaye kuch potential factors h jisse aap jan sakte h ki aap kitne risk me h heart disease hone me or sath hi Heart Disease se bachne ke upay bhi diye h.


Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Centers of Disease Control (CDC) ke reports me ye h ki jinko diabetes h unko heart disease hone k higher risk h general population k comparison me. Diabetes hone par aapka blood pressure or cholesterol level average se high rehta h. Agar aapko diabetes h to aapko doctor jarur explain kar rahe honge warning sign k bare me.

Family history

Heart disease ke risk ko genetics se link kiya h. So aaj acha time h apni family se baat karne k liye aur apni family ki better picture k bare me janne k liye. Agar aapki family me kisi ko kabhi heart attack, stroke, ya kisi bhi tarah ki heart disease hui ho past me to jarur apne doctor ko inform kare iske bare me. Humesha yaad rakhe ki family history hona jaruri nhi ki aapko bhi heart diseases ho sakti h. Appko bus thoda extra precautions lene padenge jiski vajah se heart disease hoti h.


Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Apki diet bahut hi important role play karti h heart diseases me. Agar healthy eating aapko concern nhi karti to may be ye sahi time h sochne ka. High in salt, trans fat, and saturated fat diet lene se chances of heart disease increase ho jate h. Koshish kare ki fruits, vegetables, starches, fats and protein ka balance rakhe har meal me. Try to avoid foods jisme added sugar and sodium h.



Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Ap kitna physically active h wo bhi major factor h heart disease hone me. Agar aapki sedentary lifestyle h or regular exercise nhi karte h to heart disease hone k chances higher hote h. CDC recommends at least 150 minutes per week moderate intensity aerobics jaise walking or cycling karna chaiye sabhi age walo ko. Do din week me strength or resistance training bhi recommend ki gayi h.


Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Weight bhi bahut important factor h heart disease hone k risk me. India me bahut se log overweight ya obese h, agar aap unme se ek h to aap khud ko risk me dal rahe h.Overweight hone se blood pressure or cholesterol dono badh jata h. Isse diabetes or heart attack hone k chances dono badh sakte h. Apne liye weight loss goals set kare or action plan banaiye. Chaliye aage Heart Disease se bachne ke upay article me aur bhi factor k bare me jante h.


Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Apka stress level bhi heart disease k risk ko badha sakta h. Long term stress lene se kuch or risk factor develop ho sakte h jaise physical inactivity or excessive eating, drinking and smoking.

Stress asani se manage ho sakta h agar aap breathing or muscle relaxation techniques sahi rakhe. Internet pe kuch exercise dekh sakte h aap ya chahe to doctor se bhi puch sakte h agar aapko lagta h aapko benefit hoga unse.


Heart Disease se bachne ke upay

Smoking extremely harmful h lungs k liye. Smoking se heart disease k develop hone k chances bhi badh jate h. Cigarettes me chemicals present hone ki vajah se aapke blood cells, blood vessels, and function of your heart damage hota h.

Agar aap abhi tak good reason dundh rahe h smoking quit karne k liye to heart disease bahut hi acha reason h apke liye. India me bahut se support services and treatment method available h jo smoking quit karna chahte h. App online check kar sakte h ya apne doctor se baat kare.

Heart Disease se bachne ke upay article agar aapko informative lage to jarur ise share kare apne friends k sath.

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