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Glycemic Index : Basic understanding

What is Glycemic Index?

Glycemic Index

Whenever we come across the word “glycemic” it might sound like a technical term but it is not. This term is commonly found in the field of health and fitness. It is important to understand the word itself before going to the definition and the concepts. This also has immense value in terms of your health and fitness.

Glycemic Index :If we break this word in two ‘Glyce’ and ‘mic’, we can actually tell that ‘glyc’ comes from the word glucose while ‘mic’ is a unit of measure of microscopic substances in our blood.

Having had a rough idea of what it means, it is also crucial to understand what the whole idea of glycemic means. In a brief definition, the glycemic index is a term used to as a basis of measuring the number of carbohydrates in foods and how such an amount can have an impact on blood sugar levels in our bodies.

How does glycemic index work?

The measure of carbohydrates that affects the levels of sugar in the human blood system works by the principle of low (Glycemic Index) GI and High GI. It goes above just analyzing the amount of sugar and starches in food substances and it actually goes ahead to measure the impact of carbohydrates on sugar levels. Initially, the whole idea of GI was all about counting the number of carbohydrates in those foods that had not yet been consumed. This is one of the good things about GI that has made it a top notch method of determining the right for those bodies that had encountered blood sugar fluctuations.

The Idea of Low and High GI

GI utilizes the approach of Low and High GI. With this approach, foods are ranked in terms of whole foods (WHTFoods) that produce low, medium and high GI value. The high and lower GI index are always based on the number of available carbohydrates in the whole meals we take. The available carbohydrates (avCHOs) are those that are readily digested in our digestive system then a portion of this is absorbed into the blood system.

The impact on blood sugar is accrued from the high level of GI. This means that when food is consumed, not everything is digested and absorbed. There are those substances such as fiber that may not be digested. The presence of high fiber contents, therefore, increases digestion but lowers the GI value.

The GI is measured after a period of 2hrs after a specific food quantity have been ingested. The results of how carbohydrates are digested and absorbed are then plotted to show the amount of impact that such food substances have had on blood sugar levels. The summary of carbohydrate and its impact on blood sugar level presented on a graph is called glucose AUC (area under the curve). The AUC tells us the amount certain carbohydrate source has on blood sugar.

GI rating for Healthy Foods

With the presence of GI technique of measuring the impact of carbohydrates on sugar levels WHFoods have been categorized as Very Low GI, Low GI, Medium GI and High GI. This has led to the creation of a table with all the carbohydrate sources and their level of impact on blood sugar in our bodies.


Glycemic Index is basically the relative ranking of carbs in food sources according to how they effect the blood sugar levels in a person’s body.Two foods having same carbs can have a different Glycemic Index. However it’s important for you to know that smaller the Glycemic Index, lower the impact on blood sugar levels .

Glycemic Index ( smaller) = Less Impact on blood sugar levels . Therefore low number i.e 55 or less is considered good.

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