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Fat burning food in Hindi

Fat burning food in Hindi

macronutrients and micronutrients in hindi

Metabolic rate boost karne se aapko body fat lose karne me help milti h. Halaki, jayadatar fat burning supplement jo market me available wo unsafe hote h or itne effective bhi nhi hote. Chaliye jan lete h kuch aise healthy food k bare me jisse fat burn karne me help milti h. Fat burning food in hindi article me aage badhte h.


Coffee worldwide bahut hi favourite beverages me aati h. Coffee me caffeine present hota h. Caffeine aapke mood ko enhance karta h or mental aur physical performance ko bhi improve karta h or sath hi fat burn karne me bhi help karta h.

Study me ye paya gaya ki jo log caffeine lene k bad workout karte h unka fat jayada burn hota h or wo jayada der tak bhi exercise kar pate h.

Caffeine k overdose ke kuch side effects bhi h jaise anxiousness or insomnia. 100-400 mg per day recommended dosage h caffeine ki. Jayada se jayada 1-2 cup hi coffee ki pini chahiye per day.


Eggs nutritional powerhouse h.

Halaki egg yolk ko avoid karna chaiye kyuki usme cholesterol content high hota h par per day aap 2 full eggs kha sakte h. Whole eggs aapke heart health ko protect karta h diseases se.

Eggs weight loss food bhi h. Studies me dekha gaya h ki breakfast me eggs khane se hunger reduce hota h jisse ki aap overeating se bachte h. Eggs me high quality protein hota h jisse aapka metabolic rate badh jata h khane k bad bahut ghanto k liye. Fat burning food in hindi article me aapko aur bhi kuch healthy food k bare me batate h jisse fat burn hota h.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil me bhi bahut se health benefits hote h.

Coconut oil ko apni diet me add karne se aapki body me HDL cholesterol jise hum good cholesterol bhi kahte h increase kar deta h or sath hi triglycerides ko bhi decrease karta h. Is process se bhi aapko weight loss hone me help milti h.

Daily 2 tablespoon of coconut oil ki consume karne se fat burning me boost milta h. Suruwat me sirf teaspoon se shuru kare or phr dheere dheere amount increase kariye taki aapko digestion me koi problem na aaye.

Fatty Fish

Fish bahut hi tasty or healthy food h aapke liye.

Salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel and oily fish jisme omega-3 fatty acids present hote h, ye sabhi aapko inflammation reduce karne me help karega or heart disease ka risk bhi kam karega.  Omega-3 fatty acids aapko fat burn karne me help karta h.

Fish me achi quantity me protein hota h. Protein se hunger supress hoti h or sath hi metabolic rate bhi increase hota h. Fat loss ko boost karne k liye or heart health ko protect karne k liye kam se kam week me 2 bar 100 gram of fatty fish include kariye apni diet me.

Green Tea

Green tea bahut hi badhiya choice h achi health k liye. Maine green tea pe ek aur article likha h. Studies batati h ki green tea se heart disease ka risk kam ho jata h or sath hi kuch types k cancer hone se bhi bachata h. Green tea aapko fat burn karne me bhi bahut help karti h.

Green tea k bahut se benefits h jise maine cover kiya h mere dusare article me. Us article ko padh k aap green k aur bhi benefits k bare me bhi jan jayenge. Article ko padhne k liye click kariye Benefits Of Green Tea in Hindi

Kam se kam 3-4 cup green tea k daily jarur piye jisse aapko sare health benefits mile.

Whey Protein

Whey protein bhi bahut badhiya product h. Whey protein muscle growth ko promote karta h aur sath hi weight loss k time aapke muscle ko preserve bhi rakhta h. Whey protein aapke appetite ko bhi suppress karne me help karta h.

Whey protein aapke metabolic rate aur fat burning rate ko increase karta h casein or soy protein k comparison me.

Whey protein shake bahut hi quick meal h or aap ise snack option me bhi use kar sakte h. Ye aapke fat loss ko promote karega aur sath hi body composition ko bhi promote karega.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar ek ancient folk remedy h jisme bahut se health benefits h. Apple cider vinegar aapke appetite ko reduce karta h aur sath hi blood sugar or insulin level bhi kam karta h. Jinko diabetes h unke liye bahut hi important h. Vinegar ka sabse main component h acetic acid jo ki fat burning or belly fat reduce karne me help karta h.

Apni diet me apple cider vinegar include kariye. Shuru me 1 teaspoon per day pani me mix kar k pi sakte h phr bad me aap 1-2 tablespoon per day bhi use kar sakte h.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers aapke food ko heat dene k alawa bhi bahut kuch karti h. Chili peppers me powerful antioxidants present hote h jisse inflammation reduce hota h or aapke cells ko damage hone se bhi bachata h. Isse aapka appetite bhi full rahega or overeating se prevent karega. Fat burning food in hindi article me aage badhte h.

Full-Fat Greek Yogurt

Full fat Greek yogurt bahut hi nutritious h. Isme protein, potassium or calcium bahut hi achi quantity me present h.

Yogurt me probiotics present hote h jisse aapka digestion sahi rahta h aur aapko constipation or bloating ki problem nhi hoti. Full- fat Greek yogurt me conjugated linoleic acid present hota h jo ki weight loss or fat burning me help karta h.

Greek yogurt regular basis pe khane se body pe bahut hi ache benefit effect padta h. Koshish kare ki simpe or plain Greek yogurt khaye kyuki nonfat Greek yogurt or low fat dairy product me conjugated acid present hota h. .

Olive Oil

Olive oil bahut hi ache fats me se h.

Olive oil aapke triglycerides ko low rakhta h, HDL cholesterol ko increase karta h. Studies k according olive oil aapke metabolic rate ko boose karta h or sath fat loss ko promote karta h.

Olive oil ko apni diet me include karna bahut hi asan h. Aap olive oil ko food cook karte time bhi use kar sakte h or ya salad me ek do tablespoon mix kar sakte h.

Fat burning food in hindi article agar aapko pasand aaya h to like or comment kar k jarur bataiyega.


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