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Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners

 Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners

Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners must always be kept in mind Before you start planning to join that Gym to take your training to the next level .

These Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners  will help you gain maximum results out of your training program. Before we  move to our topic don’t forget to check out my article which will  guide you in transforming at home , also you will need the same set of rules to be followed.

So moving towards at our Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners here are some Do’s while you exercise.

1. Warm Ups:-

One of the most important Do’s whether you are working out since 01 week or 01 year is to warm up those muscles and body .It ensures oxygenated blood to flow through working muscles and eliminates chances of injury .

It helps improves flexibility,decreases muscle stiffness and helps in improve performance. You can perform series of  moderate exercises including walking, jogging and stretching for 10-15 minutes.

2. Maintaining Hygiene:-

Maintaining Hygiene is important so always carry a towel with yourself.This is to wipe out the leftover sweat from gym equipment / machine after you finish your set.The same goes with after completion of set of another person to stay away from those germs.

Always ensure to carry another pair of t-shirt  so you can change the sweaty one’s after your workout.This ensures that your body is dry and clean before you exit from gym.Ensure taking a bath after your workout.

3.Workout with partner:-

Start working out with a partner who is focused and disciplined as you and has a specific goal towards fitness.This will ensure you to perform those extra reps which will enhance your performance and output.It will also keep you encouraged and stay you focused.Essential Do’s and Don’ts(Rules) While Exercising

4.Carry Water Bottle:-

Every cell,tissue and organ needs water to function.Our body uses water to regulate our body temperature ,aid digestions ,transport nutrients,lubricate joints and remove waste.

Always remember that keeping you hydrated before ,during and after workout is very important.But importance of sipping water throughout your workout will keep you hydrated,maintaining that body temperature.

5.Try different exercises:-

There will be times when you will get bored doing that regular stuff in the gym.This can make you demotivated at times and it may sometimes make you skip the gym.

Instead you must ensure bringing those essential changes in your gym routine.Like including cardio,HIIT ( High intensity interval training) .Adding drop-sets,Super-sets in your fitness regime will not only keep you in hunt but will enhance your performance.

6.Working under guidance of fitness trainer:-

There will be lots of guys who will come to you and will try to guide you ,make your form correct  and suggest you nutritional plans. However keep one thing in mind its your body and you are solely responsible for what you are doing with it.

Ensure that you are working under the guidance of a certified fitness trainer and a expert nutritionist ,who will not only make you perform those exercises with appropriate form but will help you with proper diet plan.Essential Do’s and Don’ts/Rules While exercising 

07.Cool Down:-

Cooling down your body is as important as warming it up.During workout your heart rate goes up several notches so ensure to cool down your body before steeping out of gym.

For this you can perform slow jogging on treadmill ,moderate cardio and even stretching to ensure the blood flow in those muscle tissues which you have just worked out. Cooling down will also ensure keeping your muscles flexible and enhance performance.

 Moving along with our Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners Now its time to move on some Don.ts

1.Avoid Ego lifting:-

It happens with every individual in start ,you will feel obsessed by others lifting more weight than you. But remember one thing that every gym goer is different ,some have spent years doing hard work while others just a couple of week or months.

You must make your goals and work as per your strength . Have patience with that transformation and your strength will come from time.Just ensure proper form and gradual increase of weight.This will also help you to avoid severe injury which is the last thing you probably want.

2.Stop giving other people wrong guidance:-

This is the last thing you want to do in gym. Your wrong advice can lead someone face some serious injury  .It doesn’t matter for how long you are into fitness ,first ensure you are qualified enough to impart that knowledge.

3.Making Obnoxious noise:-

The loud grunts, screams and sex noises are so unnecessary in the gym. A little heavy breathing and some exhales that result in a little noise are fine. Overdoing and show off does nothing but annoy the fellow mates.So stop overdoing it ,its embarrassing.

4. Don’t treat gym as Social hour:-

Activities like taking on phone, chatting with your partner, reading, clicking  pictures can always wait for the right time.It not only make you distracted but also disturbs the other fellow mates.Remember how you work for that one hour will reflect in your transformation.

So stay away from all the distraction ,stay focused and motivated and keep all those things aside for some time.

5.Over training:-

One of the most important Don’ts which one has to keep in mind. Your body also requires that rest as      your brain after a hectic day.So ensure giving rest to those muscle groups which you have trained yesterday ,give them a chance to grow. Avoid that fatigue to creep in which will not only hamper your output but will result in injury.

So give your body at least 2 days rest in a week for example say Wednesday and Saturday to enhance your performance.

6. Don’t Spend excess time in gym:-

Working out for more hours in the beginning doesn’t necessarily will give you that aesthetic physique you are looking for.

You must ensure that your workout is short and intense .This will not only provide you with good results but also prevent that excessive fatigue creeping in .

Take adequate time rest between sets depending on your goal .This is to ensure that heart beat is still running at a good pace and your body is still warm.In my opinion 45-50 minute workout for beginners is more than enough .

So these were the Do’s and Don’ts for gym beginners which must be kept in mind for beginners.

I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO of Kirola Sports Private Limited. Former national level player in basketball, taekwondo and high jump. I have also started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Health, fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. My only aim is to make every individual fit and healthy. I will be motivated if my blogs motivates you to take one step closer towards your fitness goals. Kirola team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people and about their struggles and achievements. If  you need any assistance and guidance related to health and fitness. Contact us.

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