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Compound Movements Vs Isolation Movements?

Compound movements vs isolation movements

Compound Movements Vs Isolation Movements?

Compound Movements Vs Isolation Movements ? Yes these are two words which you hear quite often in fitness industry. You may be hearing  in your Gym ,by Personal trainers or various articles in magazines. But its true that these sources do need such complex terms to sell their material. In this article I will explain in easy words that what does these terms mean,their importance and which one you should include to see results.

I have been personally training for around 05-06 years now and never saw drastic results with what I was following. This happens with a lot of individuals out their even if they are giving their best efforts in gym. It was since last year when I changed my regime and it worked as a magic to me. So here i will tell you that what are the changes I am talking about.But first lets understand these two words.

1.Compound Movements:-

Exercise which involve multiple muscle groups at the same time are known as compound exercises  or compound movements. These exercise are used to increase strength, work multiple muscles groups and do short and intense workouts. If your goal is to put on some mass and increase your strength to lift heavy weights, compound exercises are the go to exercises for you.

These workout not only can be done in lesser time as it trains multiple muscle group at a time but also aids to fat loss . It literally drains you out in just 30-45 minutes of your gym workout. Some of the best compound exercises which you must perform in gym are Squats,Bench press,,Military press,dead lifts, Pull Ups ,Planks ,overhead press,power cleans ,push ups etc. Some of the compound movements which you can perform are given in my earlier article.

2.Isolation movements:-

On the other hand isolation movements only train a single muscle group at a time. These exercise are essential for adding up volume and hitting the weaker muscle groups. There are number of isolation movements like Bicep curls, Dumbbell fly’s, triceps extension movements etc. However you have to spend an extra half an hour or so to complete all the isolation movements while training a body part.

So cutting the long story short here we come to our conclusion i.e Compound Movements vs Isolation Movements?

Since last year what all changes I brought in my fitness regime and what did i gain? I just incorporated  compound movements in my workout regime and the results which I found in just 03-04 months was exceptional.

However this doesn’t mean  that compound movements are  far superior than the isolation movements. It is just that both serve a different purpose for example to get bigger and stronger you need to focus on Compound movements. However,When you are already well developed but notice some local muscular or strength imbalances that need to get right, then you can include some corresponding isolation movements in your workout program.

Advantages of Compound movements vs Isolation movements.

  1. Trains multiple muscle group at time and improves your strength top lift heavy over the period of time.
  2. Your workouts will be short and intense.
  3. You will be burning extra fat as these movements involve multiple muscle groups and hence more calories burnt.
  4. You will gain a good muscle mass over the time.
  5.  There are other benefits too like  if trained hard, the squat and dead lifts are known to naturally trigger extra testosterone and growth hormone releases from your body. You cannot get this effect from other exercise.

Precautionary measure while doing compound exercises

  1. Don’t add excessive weights straight away.Stress on progressive overloading . As you will gain strength try to increase weight.
  2. Perform them under guidance of expert fitness trainer. These movements are hard to perform and may lead you having serious injuries.
  3. Staying hydrated throughout the period of workout is very important . These exercises might exhaust you very quickly . So make your you are sipping your water throughout workout.
  4. Add Complex carbohydrates on the days you are going to perform these movements .This will provide you with constant supply of energy.
  5. Don’t compromise on your form. These movement are hard to master . Have patience and master them on lower weights and under fitness experts guidance.

So try to change your workout regime and add compound exercise to it .However you must always keep in mind that progressively increase your load over the time .You are not needed to do higher reps.You just have to build that strength to lift heavier and get bigger stronger and leaner.Try incorporating these exercises and you will definitely reward me for my inputs for my article Compound Movements Vs Isolation Movements?



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