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Complete Chest workout : How To Grow Size of Chest?

Complete Chest workoutChest muscles is the most important muscle group for providing you that broad physique , to enhance your looks and provides you with immense confidence . However this muscle group when studied in fitness world is known as pectoral muscle or pects . In this article we will understand about these muscle groups and also the complete Chest workout program at gym and at home to increase the size of your chest/ pects .

Understanding the anatomy

Pectoral muscle consists of two muscle groups i.e. pectoral major and pectoral minor. 

Pectoral major is responsible to increase the thickness and pectoral minor muscle is responsible for increasing the width of the the chest . So now you must have realized the importance of training both the muscle groups . This article on complete Chest workout will take you through entire workout program which will include bacically the strength training , the tempo with which these exercise must be performed and how often should you perform these exercises.

Top exercises under complete Chest workout

When we talk about complete Chest workout these are number of exercises which you can perform like

  • Flat bench press

  • Inclined bench press

  • Declined bench press

  • Dumbbell fly

  • Cable Fly

  • Dumbbell presses

  • Dumbbell inclined press

  • Dumbbell declined press etc.

  • Push ups

However we will pic our best and will go in detail of how to perform these exercises in our complete Chest workout program.

Complete Chest workout

Bench press ( Flat bench)

The most important exercise is bench press which hits your pectoral major muscle group . Bench presses are compound movements which involves two or more than two joints and hence provides you with strength and size.

For performing this movement you need to lie on a flat bench with a barbell racked above you in sight of your eyeline.

Now hold the barbell with both hands a bit more than shoulder width apart and lift it. Bring it slowly down till your pectoral muscle providing all the tension on your muscle group , give a pause for one second and then going all the way up , which completes your one repetition.

While doing a regular push up you are performing the same movement .Therefore you can also built a big broad chest while doing workouts at home . The thing which you can add Is put a little weight on your back with someone’s help to do more intense workout even if you are doing a push ups.

Inclined bench press

Inclined bench press is the next exercise under complete Chest workout program which hits your upper pectoral area . One of the best exercise to increase the size of upper chest to give that firm and rounded look to your pectoral muscle group.

The way to perform this movement is similar to performing a bench press on a flat bench .The thing which differ is that you lie on an inclined bench . The most important part in these exercises is to control the movement.

Many a times it’s hard to master the movement as it begins to fall either forward or back word .However start with a weight with which you feel comfortable and then slowly and gradually try adding weight when you feel that you can control the movement.

This movement can be done at home by just leaning on to a wall or a bench and performing the push ups .

Declined Bench Press

Declined bench press as the name suggest is to be performed on a declined bench and performing the same way as in normal bench presses and inclined bench press .This exercise hits lower pectoral muscle and gives a well defined shape to your lower chest. The area we are talking about is where your chest ends and abdomial area starts.

If you want to perform this movement at home you just have to place your legs on a bench with your hand on the ground in push up position and perform push ups.

Dumbbell fly

Dumbbell fly is the exercise which hits your pectoral minor muscle which I told you is responsible for the width of your chest . Yeah the so called broadness of chest comes from training this muscle group.

For performing this movement lie on either a flat bench or a inclined bench holding the pair of dumbbells above you.

Now slowly bringing the dumbells down in fly position ( keeping your hands straight) all the way to the sideways and again going up .

This movement can also be done at home by doing wide grip push ups.

It’s important to know that for complete Chest workout you don’t need to perform too many exercise but you need to focus on increasing your strength without compromising on your form .

How many repetition?

Now in our complete Chest workout program the next question which arises is how many repetition and sets should be performed to increase the size of pectoral muscles.

Well size follows strength . The huge guys who are in your gym have attained that body by putting in years of hard work and lifting heavy.

Try focusing to mastering the moment first and the increasing the weight every week . If you are really serious about increasing size of your pectoral muscle you need to do heavy strength training .

Lift the weight which are that heavy with which you can perform 8 repetitions or less. If your aim is both endurance and strength focusing lift weight with which you can perform 8 – 12 reps and if your focus if only on endurance lift lighter weight with which you can perform more than 12 repetition.

What must be the tempo?

Tempo in simple terms means the pace at which you perform your reps . It’s bacically the time under tension which you provide to your muscle you are training . This becomes an important issue when you are training.

You need to know that the maximum time at which you are putting your muscle under tension decided that what will be the growth of your particular muscle.

So try and lower down your tempo if you want that size . For example 3-1-3-0 can be your tempo. This means 3 second you take to bring down the weight on your chest ( negative movement) followed by 1 second of pause , again followed by 3 second of taking weight all the way up and the 0 second of holding time . The tempo can be changed depending on your goals .

Some tricks and tips to grow your chest

Focusing a muscle and train it number of time and putting in hours dosent going to help much. So I would like to conclude this complete Chest workout article with some much needed tips .

  • Train pectoral muscle once or maximum twice a week keeping the rest period of minimum 48 hours in between.
  • Go as heavy as you can depending upon the weight you can lift. Don’t do ego lifting.
  • Perform alternate exercise like dumbbell press instead of barbell bench press on every other training schedule. This will not make your muscle habitual of the same repeated workout.
  • Try and perform super sets and drop sets if you hit a plateau .
  • Do proper stretching before and after your workout which helps in conditioning of your muscles and a good blood circulation in the muscle group which you have hit.
  • Focus on negative movement of each reps and keep the muscle mind connection throughout your movement.

I hope you liked this complete Chest workout which can be done both at home and at the gym . Through our health and fitness and online blogs we support you getting a perfect body .stay fit and stay healthy.



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