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Complete Back workout: How to get a V- Shape Back?

Introduction- Complete Back workout

Complete Back Workout

Today we are moving on to our next muscle group after covering complete chest workout and how to increase size of it .

Back muscle or lats muscle when talked in terms of muscle anatomy is a larger muscle group which gives you a broad physique .

Today in this article we will cover about complete back workout , how to perform the exercises , which exercise are essential for a tapered v- shaped back . We will also talk about some tips to increase the size of your back and also few nutritional information when you do a bigger muscle group workout.

Top exercises for complete back workout

1. Pull ups

You all must be thinking that why this exercise is my top pick? Lots of people think that getting a good back is all about spending hours doing lats pull down etc . I don’t say they are not effective , but the range of motion which this body weight workout i.e pull ups provides you is immense. An old school exercise which is still the best .

Many still find it difficult to even do 5 pull ups with correct form . You can perform it’s variations depending on what stage you are carrying from beginners to advance level atheletes.

If you want to challenge yourself perform pull ups after hanging weight on your abdominal area using a belt. Do both wide grip pull ups and close grip underhand pull ups to get a v-tapered back.

2. Lats pull down

Lats pull down is another excellent exercise when it comes to complete back workout and hitting all muscle groups of your back. However many a times perform it in a wrong way. This is either due to ego lifting or lack of guidance.

You just have to tuck your legs after sitting on the lats pull down machine, keeping your chest up and your eyes pointed towards the ceiling. Now hold the bar with a wide grip and bring it all the way down to your coller bone . Giving pause for a second and going up again .

The thing which is to be kept in mind is that you don’t have to open your arms all the way up and you have to be remain seated . The weight should be such that it doesn’t make you leave your seat .

3. Seated cable rows

Seated cable rows is another excellent exersise to be incorporated in complete back workout . For this you will need a low pully rowing machine with a v bar.

To perform this lean forward keeping the natural alignment of your back and grab the v bar handles

With extended arms pull back till your torso comes in 90° angle from your back. Your chest must be sticking out and your back must be in slight arch position. You must feel a nice stretch on your let’s which will be the starting position of this exercise.

Now keeping the torso straight pull the handles towards you , your hands must be close and bring it towards you till it touches your abdominal. Give a contraction to your let’s for a second and again go to the initial position .This will be counted as one rep . Perform reps and sets depending on your goals .

4. Single hand dumbell rows.

In my opinion the benefits which rows and pull ups give you is unmatched compared to other back exercises. Rowing is a very good movement that’s why you might have noticed that atheliath who participated in rowing compitions and even fisherman’s have wide lats.

To perform this just rest one knee( say left knee) on a bench holding a dumbell with right hand . Lean forward at 45 ° angle from the bench , now bring dumbell all the way up to the side of your waist and contracting your lats .

Now slowly go down till the initial position of your dumbell. You don’t need to swing the dumbbell all the way down ,it will give you a feeling that your lats are too much involved which is a myth.  Perform same with other hand lifting the weight with which you can perform 8-10 reps. You don’t need to go too heavy just focus on correct form.

5. Deadlift

When you talk about complete back workout ,this exercise can’t be eliminated . It has multiple advantages ranging from increasing the strength , working on multiple muscle groups simultaneously , increasing growth hormones in your body etc.

This exercise hits your lower back , hamstrings , lats etc .It also helps you increase your overall strength which enables you to lift heavier over the time . Also I have always stressed upon importance of compound movements over isolation movements in my earlier articles .

Points to be kept in mind while doing complete back workout

1 . Don’t do ego lifting , especially when you are performing exercises like deadlift . It can give you severe injury related to your spine . So life according to your ability.

2. Lats are large muscle groups so it would require a good pre workout meal and post workout meal containing complex carbohydrates. You can also read my article on micro and macro nutrients for what you should eat before and after workouts.

3. Do proper stretching before doing back workout . The large muscle groups take time to get a good blood circulation . So stretch your back during your warmups before you start your working sets.

4. Take proper rest between days when you are performing or working on larger muscle groups say legs and back .

5 . Keep yourself hydrated throughout your workout as these are exahustive movements and you will require a good amount of energy and replinisment throughtth your workout.


In this article we discussed about complete back workout which will ensure a tapered v- shaped back . However keep in mind that consistency and gradual increase in weights and strength will enable you to have a better and more developed back . You just need to be focused toward syour goals . This was all about complete back workout . Hope you like the article stay motivated, fit and healthy.


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