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Bulking and Common Bulking Mistakes

Bulking And Common Bulking Mistakes

There is a lot of doubt and lack of Knowledge in fitness community related to Bulking and common bulking mistakes . Even I faced same issue when the term was less known to me ,but over the time I have gained knowledge which I would share with all fitness enthusiast out there. In this article i.e Bulking and Common Mistakes related to It I will discuss What is Bulking? Common mistakes which People do while bulking , Diet While bulking, Exercise and cardio while bulking, Bulking naturally,Clean Vs Dirty Bulking and HIIT Cardio While Bulking.

What Is Bulking?

In Simple terms bulking is referred to as adding volume to something. But in fitness industry the term meaning differs from individual to individual. For example for a Bodybuilder bulking means adding size and putting on muscle mass and for a normal skinny guy bulking refers to increasing body weight to look good. For Bodybuilders its an off season phenomenon in which they want to increase size. Howsoever for beginner skinny guys its a year long process until they see a good amount of increase in body weight and muscle mass. In both conditions person has to be in caloric surplus.

Types of Bulking

Dirty Bulking:-

In this type of bulking fitness enthusiasts eat whatever comes to sight. It includes processed food(Pizza,Burger),sweetened beverages(canned fruity juices), candy’s consumption of which results into excessive storage of fat after a certain period of time. In this type of bulking you may store more fat compared to gained muscle mass . It also doesn’t keep a check on your daily caloric intake and the sources (Macros)from which its coming from. This is considered to be a common bulking mistakes.

Clean Bulking:

This type of bulking includes clean eating which include consuming Whole wheat,White bread, Brown rice,Oats,Mixed Nuts,Vegetables,fruits,healthy fats  (peanut butter,Flex seed,pumpkin seeds etc),Fish Chicken Meat ,eggs etc.  This type of bulking suggests tracking of Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients which keeps your fat accumulation in check  .

One should bulk at a pace of Half Pound/week for good clean bulking which will result in good muscle gains. However you have to keep in mind that bulking definitely comes with accumulation of little fat but clean bulking will ensure minimum fat storage.

Types of Workout while  Bulking

My personal experience with bulking was great because i started with all information I had. Try a One body part per day split working out 05 days a week ,also,try an add compound movement exercises each day in your workout. Remember a simple formula weight gain= more strength = heavy lifts. This doesn’t mean you have to go heavy which is beyond your lifting ability and resulting in injuries. Try and increase weights progressively.

Try 5*5 program which includes performing 5 sets of 5 repetitions increasing weight in every set. Remember you have to take maximum advantage and try to increase your strength while you are on bulk. Try and reduce your calorie intake to maintenance level on off days because on off days you are not burning any calories ,otherwise it will again lead to fat storage.

HIIT/Cardio while bulking:-

This is one questions that concerns each individual that whether to perform cardio or HIIT workout while on a bulk. The answer to it is pretty simple that is  YES , but it should be performed in moderation. Two sessions of 10-15 minutes per week is sufficient just to keep fat accumulation in check. I wont suggest you to perform HIIT workouts while on bulk because you  wont want to kill those gains .

Diet/Meal while Bulking:-

As I have already mentioned bulking is eating in surplus , however the calories should come from Clean eating and sources like whole wheat,Brown Rice,Chicken ,Meat ,Eggs,vegetables and fruit etc. However depending on ones digestion and metabolism it sometime become difficult to consume a lot of calories .

My simple suggestion to you is try and drink your calories in the form of home made mass gainer shake. The recipe of which I have shared in my article. This will not only ensure consumption of your daily caloric intake but also will have you effectively gain some muscle mass. You will also be able to know what ingredients you are putting in your shake and what are its nutritional value . Keep track of your daily caloric intake with the help of app like My fitness pal . You can always have a cheat meal on weekdays . Bulking gives you a bit leverage to enjoy your life and consume your favorite meals on cheat days.

Supplements while you are bulking

Supplements are not a compulsion  if you are consuming your daily macros requirement with food , its nothing better than that. However supplements are always add on’s and while bulking there will be days when you wont feel like eating much. So supplements like a whey protein will always ensure that you have your daily protein intake in check. Other supplements which  I would suggest is adding a Creatine Mono-hydrate which will give you strength to perform one or two added reps .

We often underestimate the importance of fish oil  and multivitamins which are important supplement whether we are on cut or bulk. These supplements help in proper joint functions and also constant supply of essential micro-nutrients to our body which is very essential for our general health. Any other supplement will be a waste of money in my opinion.

Bulking and Common Bulking Mistakes

This brings us to the gist of the whole bulking process during which people commit certain mistakes which either leave them depressed of doesn’t help them to gain muscle mass.

Most common bulking mistakes  include not tracking your daily caloric intake . Lot of people say that today they have ate a lot of food and are definitely in caloric surplus. However when I count their calories its way short the even maintenance calories. We often under calculate our calories which results in little or no gain. So counting calories is important ,you can be in excess of 100-200 calories but under-eating while bulking is a big No.

Doing excessive cardio is another common bulking mistakes people do. People are so obsessed with the abs that they don’t what them to get hidden under layer of fat. remember bulking cannot be done without addition of little layer of fat. Keep your cardios in moderation and that too twice a week.

Another common Bulking mistake is getting indulged in dirty bulking because not only it gives you a sweet feeling in which you can eat everything with no restriction, but also makes you feel that you are gaining weight. This weight is only excessive fat though. So keep yourself aside from that dirty bulking . Remember its a long process and gaining muscle will take a certain time.It depends on individuals own goal that how much muscle gains he wants.

Lot of people underestimate importance of Compound movements which include Squats, Dead-lifts ,Bench press,  Rows, Military presses while they are on bulk. But these movements not only train entire muscle groups but also boosts your testosterone levels . Performing these movements will also increase your strength over the period of time.

So here is all about bulking and common bulking mistakes to be avoided


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