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Best time for Workout in hindi

Best time for Workout in hindi

Fasted cardio in hindi

Workout karne ka sahi time jayada depend karta h aapke personal preference me. Exercise aapke health k liye jaruri h. Aksar humare goals pe bhi depend karta h ki workout ki timing kya honi chaiye. Chaliye best time for workout in hindi article me jante h ki workout ki sahi timing kya h.

 Morning workout advantages

Consistency: Agar morning workout ki baat kare to aksar aapne dekha hoga ki morning workout me hmesha consistency rehti h. Subah uthte hi aapke pas office workload nhi hota ya ghar k itne kam nhi rehte h jisse ki aapka workout kabhi miss hone k chances kam hote h. Aksar log pure din kam karne ki vajah se thak jate h jisse workout karne ka man nhi karta evening me.

Healthy breakfast:  Jab koi apne din ki shuruwat workout se karta h to wo apna pura din healthy khane ke bare me sochta h. Workout k bad healthy breakfast lete ho jo ki bahut hi important h or sath hi pure din healthy eating hoti h jisse ki aap fit rehte ho. Halaki ye evening workout me bhi possible h. Person to person depend karta h.

Sleep: Morning workout karne ki vajah se aapko raat me jaldi neend aati h. Workout heart rate or body temperature increase karta h to agar aap late evening workout karte h to aapko jaldi neend aane me problem ho sakti h.

Early start Sabse achi baat h ki aapka workout complete ho jata h aapka din shuru hone se pehle. Pure din aapko tension nhi rehti workout karne ki. Aapko koi problem bhi nhi rehti office me late night kam karne me. Appko pura time milta h khana banana k liye, friends k sath relax karne k liye or ya phr sirf relax karne k liye.

Increased metabolism: Morning me workout karne se aapka metabolism increase hota h. Morning workout se aap pure din calories burn karte ho. Jinka fat loss goal h unke liye to morning workout best h.

More fat loss: Morning me humare glycogen stores kam rehte h agar aap empty stomach workout karte h morning me to 20% jayada body fat burn hoti h. But agar aapka muscle building goal h to aapko proper breakfast k bad hi workout karna chaiye morning me.

Chaliye ab best time for workout in hindi article me evening ya afternoon workout k bare me jante h.

 Evening workout Advantages

Sab log yahi kahte h ki morning workout se sabse jayada benefit hota h but agar aappe fit nhi baithta morning me workout karna to koi jarurat nhi h. Research suggest karti h ki body regular time to adat kar leti h. Agar hum gym daily 4 p.m pe jate h to aapki body better perform karti h baki time ke comparison me. Fix workout time pe stick karne se body me ache results aate h, oxygen consumption thoda jayada rehta h.

Body temperature : Aapki body ka core temperature hi major factor hota h ki aapke workout ki quality kaisi hogi. Cold temperature ki vajah se body muscle me stiffness hoti h jiski vajah se wo inefficient ho jati h or injuries hone k bhi chances hote h. Jaha body ka temperature higher hota h tab muscles bhi jayada flexible hoti h.

Body ka temperature morning me low rehta h or wo gradually increase karta h pure din me. 2 p.m se 6 pm tak body temperature highest hota h. Muscle ki strength and endurance late afternoon me peak karti h tab aapka body temperature jayada high rehta h. Afternoon me reaction time tez rehta h or heart rate or blood pressure bhi kam rehta h. Ye sabki vajah se aapke workout  me achi performance dekhi jati h or injury hone k chance bhi kam ho jate h. Injuries ko avoid kiya ja sakta h morning me agar aap morning workout se pehle ache warm up kar le.

High hormones level: Hormones level bhi bahut important hote h workout time decide karne me. Testosterone bahut hi important h muscle growth or strength k liye. Body testosterone jayada produce karti h late afternoon me training k time. .

The Verdict

So best time kaun sa h? Science or studies ki baate dono contradictory h. But ek baat clear h ki workout karna bahut jaruri h, usse farak nhi padta ki aap kis time pe karte h.

Sabse jayada matter ye karta h ki pure din me aap workout k liye time nikal paye jo aapke schedule ko best fit karta ho. Apna workout time ko consistent rakhne se aapko bahut ache results aayenge.

Best time for workout in hindi article agar aapko pasand aaye to jarur like kare.


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