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Best Non Vegetarian Protein Sources

Best non vegetarian protein sources for muscle building

Who does not want to look appealing? In this modern age where beauty has been refined many-a-times, the new concept of beauty is almost closely related with Health and Fitness, Nutrition and Diet . The women want to look beautiful yet they still want that firm muscles on their body .For men their aesthetic beauty had always been their sturdy bodies and sharp looks. Women or men, all want to look good.This arises the need to know about best non vegetarian protein sources for muscle building.

In this article, we hope to provide you with some good pointers to help you gain muscles even without the excessive use of chemicals and steroids; after all, everyone wants to look good. Muscle building is one among the most dedicated passions for both men and women.

The goal to have a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the body’s fitness and bulging muscles is not without conflicts.

A person’s physique is their biggest concern. What is to be eaten and what is to be avoided are all questions raised everywhere, but they are not questions that everyone can answer.

Conflicting emotions on what to eat and what not to is extremely confusing. Everyone you know will suggest different things, not that they are completely incorrect, but they cannot be correct at all times and about everything. So, when it concerns proper nutrition and diet it is better to be careful when looking for answers.

To help boost muscle gain it is crucial to eat protein filled food, because protein has all the essential amino acids that helps in muscle tissue repair after workout and plays a huge role in building muscles.

For those who assume that vigorous exercise is all that actually matters, then we see are here to help clear your doubts with our fitness blog.

It is important to understand the balance between exercise and diet is what you need to get the desired result. Nutrition and diet is what your body needs, and getting these nutrition daily is actually healthy and satisfying for your body, and it is necessary you really know what your diet is. Here is the list of best non vegetarian protein sources.

Best non vegetarian protein sources.

1.Red meat

Best non vegetarian protein sources

Red meat is a good source of protein which helps in making of good muscles and bones. Other than that it is loaded with iron, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this kind of meat also allows the body to easily absorber it’s nutritious values.

Read meat includes beef, pork, lamb and mutton, veal, goat and venison. It is a rich source of high quality protein that has approximately 29 gram protein that give fuel to your bodybuilding.

Red meat is a source of testosterone production which provides the body the vitality and energy to build bigger muscles. Creatine and iron are abundant in red meat as well as phosphorous and zinc minerals, and B vitamins for proper function of the immune system and active metabolic rate.


Best non vegetarian protein sources

When it comes to protein ,beef is considered as one of the best source of high quality protein in western countries.

It is high bio- available and a refined protein source which aids in getting lean muscle mass. It contains good source of iron and protein. Four ounces of beef contains 24 grams of protein and 224 calories. A must to consume among best non vegetarian protein sources for muscle building.


Best Non vegetarian protein sources

Skinless and boneless chicken contains 27 gram of protein that is good for muscle growth.

Chicken is rich with niacin and B vitamin that supports metabolism. It is recommended to eat 200g of chicken daily to get all the protein needed for body building.

Skinless chicken (roasted) is a good source of high quality chicken readily and easily available everywhere, which is important for muscle maintenance and repair.

While chicken and turkey are the best source of protein, if you are trying to avoid extra calories and fat for muscle building, I suggest it would be better to stick to the breast meat.

If you are looking to choose between eating chicken or turkey, it should mostly depend on your personal preference as chicken and turkey meat are equally nutritious with small differences.


The top seafood sources of protein are salmon, tuna, rainbow trout, canned sardines, mussels and catfish. Seafood is low in fat and calories, and is rich with omega 3 fatty acids that protects the heart and boosts brain function which is needed in bodybuilding.

85 grams (one serving) of salmon contains 17 grams of protein, tuna contains 20 grams of protein, shrimp which is almost pure protein contains 18 grams of protein and tilapia contains 21 grams.

It is not much different compared to poultry and red meat and the only difference is hat because it is seafood it contains significantly less amount of fat and also has omega 3 to offer.


best non vegetarian protein sources

Turkeys, among meat is one very good source of high protein and unlike other kinds of meat, turkey meat is the leanest animal meat. It can replace your diet of chicken perfectly and the meat contains less cholesterol and fat compared to chicken meat.

Itis also a good source of iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, as well as vitamin B6 and niacin that plays a huge role in energy production for muscle growth. It contains 29 gram of protein. All in all, it contains all the essential amino acids that is necessary for the production of protein to help muscle building.

6. Eggs

best non vegetarian protein sources

I have always emphasized about the importance of eggs in our regular diet. This powerhouse of proteins, BCAA and vital nutrients is best and  easily available source of protein in the market. Anytime, anywhere you can have eggs. Well eggs are the most favourite meal for me.

One Eggs contains 6  gram of protein and 71 calories. Depending on your goals you can increase or decrease the quantity of eggs in your diet.

You should consume the egg whites rather than the whole egg. However you can limit your yolk consumption to 02-03 egg yolks which will provide you with saturated fat which helps in increase testosterone levels in men.

Above are the must have food if you are a non vegetarian and trying to get that asthetique physique. They not only provide you with high quantity of animal protein but also creatine , BCAAs which are essential for strength and maintaining a good amino acid profile. You can have these food sources with salad , complex carbs etc to get great results out of this.

I hope you enjoyed reading Best non vegetarian protein sources for muscle building . We also wrote a similar article but on vegetarian protein sources which you may also like.






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