Best home remedies to prevent hairfall

Best home remedies to prevent hairfallHair fall in both men and women have been quite usually nowadays as they go through stress , unhealthy lifestyle , lack of proper nutrition , inactive lifestyle etc .In such a scenario it’s treatment becomes essential . So here are some of the best home remedies to prevent hairfall.

Hair loss most commonly occurs due to anxiety and stress among young people. Unwanted hair fall also happens due to different reasons – it may be because you are just using a shampoo that is not perfect for your hair, having a hormonal imbalance, being exposed to toxic elements, you lack some necessary vitamins in your food or simply hereditary.

Stress itself is an extremely big factor which causes hair loss . It becomes really hard and more stressful when you notice receding hairline and the high amount of hair going down the drain every time you take a shower and on the pillow when you wake up in the morning.

It has also been found from studies conducted that Spa does support in controlling hair fall, but many people are not capable to afford it regularly due to lack of time and financial constraints.

So, it is excellent to try home-made natural remedies that will support in achieving voluminous, luscious hair. Read below know how to stop unwanted hair fall with natural home remedies.

Best home remedies to prevent hairfall

Onion Juice

Probably the best method to stop hair fall and aids in hair regrowth. Onion is known to have high amount of sulfur in it which is good for skin care. We do not intake enough sulfur in our diet and this is also one of the major causes of hair fall. Apply onion juice 03-04 times a week one hour prior to taking bath . Rinse it with a herbal shampoo. You will definitely see great results in 6-8 weeks time.


Amla is another superfood when it comes to preventing hair fall. It has medicinal properties and have been in used in ayurvedic medicines since decades. Besides preventing hairloss it also has number of benefits including increasing eyesight capacity, maintaining RBC counts ,healthy digestive system .

Amla can be consumed in diet ( Amla murabba , Amla candy , Amla juice ) . Amla  contains important vitamin i.e vitamin C which is also good for healthier immune system.

For healthy hair , prepare a lotion of fresh Amla juice & lemon and apply it on the scalp with the help of fingertips. Massage your scalp  for 30 minutes . Wash your head with lukewarm water . Apply this mixture 03-04 times a week to see best results.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be extracted from its stalk or from natural aloe Vera products available in market. The stalk can be openly messaged on the scalp. Use Aloe Vera juice on clean hair. You can rub it onto your scalp in a circular motion and leave it for fifteen minutes and then  wash it off. Do not shampoo quickly at lease wait for an hour or two before doing it.

The process can be performed twice in a week. Aloe Vera juice is famous for maintenance of pH level in the scalp. If used on the skin it will maintain the pH level of the skin too.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk  can be applied to your scalp using a simple brush. After the application ,cover your hair with a towel for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, rinse your hair with normal water. Coconut milk can be extracted at a house by grinding the coconut and pressing the milk from its grated white area. This technique can be performed once a week. Coconut milk contains a lot of nutritional worth like it has protein, essential potassium and fats for the hair growth. This will stop hair loss and will make your hairs stronger.

Essential oils

It has been confirmed many a time that using essential oil regularly does wonders for your hair during hairfall . Jojoba oil, rosemary oil, grape seed oil, and cedar wood oil when applied on the scalp aids in stopping hair fall. But you have to mix them in a right ratio and massage the mixture for at least 5 minutes daily on your scalp. It would be best if applied at night before going to bed and leaving it overnight.

Greek Yogurt and egg protein

Greek yogurt ( Dahi) and Egg protein is perhaps the top home-made remedy to prevent hair loss naturally. Though it smells truly bad, it offers a fully satisfactory effect. Combine the protein in coconut or any other hair oil that you use and apply the combination on your scalp for at least twice or thrice a week regularly. It may take time to view the outcomes, but at the end, it will value it.

Home-made conditioners

After using shampoo, use green tea extract  as a natural conditioner  which offers anti-oxidants properties that support in hair growth. Garlic juice, onion, or ginger should be massaged on the scalp for powerful and shiny hair.

Home made solution

You can also use a mixture of Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin E capsules . You can easily get vitamin E capsules from medical shops . Just puncture the capsule and extract the solution out of it. Mix all three in a bowl and apply it to your scalp before bed and leave it overnight. Wash your head with a natural shampoo in the morning . Vitamin E is  known to have exceptional properties which aid in skin care. Do give this mixture a try from 6-8 weeks and see exceptional results.

So these were the best home remedies to prevent hairfall.

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