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Benefits Of Drinking Water


benefits of drinking water

To be healthy, it is necessary to perform physical activity that is appropriate to our age and the specific conditions of each person, feed in a balanced way and be well hydrated . I have always laid emphasis on the importance of water and here I will discuss with you the benefits of drinking water.

The practice of regular exercise /workout leads to an increase in sweating and therefore an increase in the need for water in our body . For an adult, the recommended quantity of water to be taken in normal conditions is about 2 liters per day, but this amount can be much higher in case of adverse weather (very hot) and with the practice of intense physical activity.

There are several factors that directly influence the quantities of water to be ingested, such as the type and duration of physical activity, the characteristics of the environment and the qualities of each individual.

Body requirements of water

More than 60% of our body is composed of water. When doing any physical activity, part of it is lost through sweat, therefore, it is very important to drink water before, during and after sports practice.

Physical activity is one of the most determining factors in the loss of water, for example after running for an hour, our body can lose about 1.8 liters, or 0.5 liters after an hour of swimming, 1.5 l after a game of football or basketball or 1.8 l after an hour of playing tennis or strength training.

We must not forget that water needs can vary in each individual according to various factors such as age, sex, intensity and duration of possible physical activities that we perform, high temperatures and humidity, type of clothing and the individual sweat rate of each person. All these factors condition the amount of water that we should drink daily, to the point of increasing the daily water needs of our body between two and six times .

When the liquid lost during the development of a physical activity or sport is not replenished, it reaches a state of dehydration that can lead to side effects that can affect the body by not only the decrease in physical performance but also may cause serious damage to our health, such as heat stroke .

Benefits of drinking water if engaged in physical activity

Maintaining a proper hydration habits and guidelines, play an important role in the development of any physical activity or sports , because it is:

• Facilitates the transport of nutrients, vitamins and minerals through the body.
• Activate the essential enzymes to supply the energy the body needs.
• It favors the elimination of impurities and toxins from the organism.
• Lubricates and provides structural support to tissues and joints.

In addition, maintaining a constant water balance during the development of any physical activity or sports, has a vital role in the regulation of body temperature, since during physical exercise about 75% of the energy used dissipates in the form of heat and, thanks to the evaporation of sweat through the skin, the body is able to maintain muscle activity without an excessive rise in body temperature.

Therefore, maintaining adequate hydration before, during and after the completion of physical activity is essential for the responsible and safe practice and thus helps to achieve a greater physical performance.

Quantity of water to  be ingested for healthy lifestyle

The Water and Health Research Institutes recommend that, to obtain good sports performance, you have to maintain a constant water balance and avoid dehydration. However, ingest the following amounts of water:

Before : 500 ml 1-2 hours before.
During : 100-200 ml every 15-20 minutes.
After : around 150% of the weight lost.

Dehydration can cause a decrease in physical performance and an increase in fatigue.

Therefore, for a responsible practice of physical exercise, we must pay attention to body weight:

• If you have lost sport quickly up to 1% of your weight , you will notice how the sensation of thirst appears, this is already a symptom of alarm.
• The loss of 2.8% of body weight leads to a decrease in physical performance by 20-30%, increased fatigue and reduced response time.
• A weight loss of 10% would entail the need for immediate medical assistance.
• The absence of 10-15% of total body water , would even risk death.


benefits of drinking water

It is true that there is water in the composition of many foods such as fruits, vegetables, etc. But it is also true that the best way to hydrate is drinking water, as indicated by the major institutions worldwide. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) : Which recommend that, the amount of water that our body needs per day is between 2 and 2.5L (under normal conditions of activity and temperature), 80% is by direct intake of water and the remaining 20% through the food we eat.

So they point out that water intake should be done at regular intervals and also they emphasized that the best hydration for our body does not have to be when we are thirsty, but we must anticipate the needs of our body and not wait to be thirsty to drink water. The sensation of thirst is already a warning symptom that activates our system, to indicate that the body is dehydrated. This symptom can be accompanied by loss of appetite, malaise, fatigue, weakness and headaches and involves the loss of between 1 and 2% of our body weight.

Benefits Of drinking water

• Improvement of productivity at work:

The brain is composed mainly of water, therefore drinking water helps to think better, be more attentive and more concentrated. This impacts positively in your day to day life and be much more productive in your work.

• Better exercise:

Water regulates body temperature, helps you feel more energized while exercising and serves as fuel for the muscle. That’s why it is always recommended that you always sip through 01 liters of water throughout your workout period . Water intakes become more important when you are opting for fasted cardio.

• Helps in digestion:

Water helps in ingestion and prevents constipation, since water increases metabolic activity. Drinking water before and after your each meal helps in breaking down vital nutrients so that your body absorbs them . It is also known to soften stools which prevents constipation.

• Less cramping and sprains:

Proper hydration helps keep muscles and joints lubricated and improves the strength of the ligaments, so there is less chance of cramping and sprains. that’s why the trainers suggest to keep yourself hydrated while doing any kind of physical activity.

• Reduce the risk of cancer:

Drinking the recommended amount of water makes the liver, kidneys, digestive and immune system perform their functions very well. A balanced intake of this fluid can reduce the risk of bladder and colon cancer.

• Relieve fatigue:

Water is used by the body to help eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. For example, if the body lacks water, the heart, has to work harder to pump the oxygenated blood to all the cells, the same for the rest of the vital organs, if they are exhausted you would be too.

• Less chance of getting sick:

Drinking the right amount of water helps fight the flu and other ailments such as kidney stones and heart attacks. In other words; improves our immune system.

So here were all the benefits of drinking water . Not only it is important for the people who are involved in physical activities but also for those who want a healthier lifestyle. Scarcity of water in body can lead to various problems related to kidney, digestion , hair fall, skin diseases etc. So ensure that you get the benefits of drinking water through the study of this article. If you like our fitness blogs articles please follow us on Facebook page ( mykhelbook) for regular updates.

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