International Yoga Day

International Yoga day

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Srishti, an IT developer and a freelancer believes that if you want to go big, stop thinking small. If you want to be productive, start doing Yoga. The knowledge of stillness can teach you how to do more and enjoy life. When she first had the chance to scuba dive, she realised the importance of Yoga and stillness. We need that one breath to free dive and enjoy the ocean’s depths. Even with oxygen cylinders we still need to be calm. She says that she shifted to yoga since it is not an exercise – its a way to become healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. It is because health isn’t what we are EAT. Its also what we THINK and what we DO!

I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO at Kirola Sports Private Limited. I am a sports and fitness enthusiast and have played three sports at National level including Basketball, High jump ,Taekwondo .I also started training in Mixed Martial Arts last year . I always knew that health ,fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. Mykhelbook team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people ,about their struggles and achievements through our blogs .

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