About Us

Our MKB team comprises of experts from field of fitness and sports and have themselves represented at State and national level. We aim to impart knowledge and motivation which helps people out their to be fit and healthy. Our team consists of experts in the field of fitness, nutrition and Exercise programs which will help you out to lead a fit and prolonged life. We our 24*7 at your disposal to hear your queries. We wish through our fitness and motivational blogs we can bring a change in the society.

Shweta Singh

I am Shweta Singh, Director and CEO of Kirola Sports Private Limited. Former national level player in basketball, taekwondo and high jump. I have also started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Health, fitness and motivation are pillar of success for every individual. My only aim is to make every individual fit and healthy. I will be motivated if my blogs motivates you to take one step closer towards your fitness goals. Kirola team will help you to stay fit and healthy through our blogs . We also aim to motivate you all through motivational stories of lesser known people and about their struggles and achievements. If  you need any assistance and guidance related to health and fitness. Contact us.

Ravi P Gupta

I, Ravi P Gupta, Co- founder “mykhelbook” and fitfunda ,born and raised up in Varanasi, one of the ancient cities of the World. Varanasi, which is now a Hub of different Games. Many players from Varanasi, represented India at various International Level tournaments. But, there are still many players who are good in their respective games but lack support or facilities, when needed.Through MyKhelBook, we aim to provide proper facilities, support, and sponsorship to the deserving candidates and nurture the budding talent.