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05 Health Benefits Of Coffee

05 Health Benefits of Coffee

05 health benefits of coffee, Coffee actually comes from coffee beans growing on tree cultivated in hot climates in a few countries including Indonesia, Brazil, etc. The beans go through a lengthy process to become the powder we prepare in our coffee pots. The flavor of coffee differs according to where the coffee trees grew.

Coffee has a number of several fitness advantages through many people try to avoid caffeinated coffee as they worry about its bad effects. To weight the advantages and disadvantages of this famous beverages, you can read the listed facts about drinking coffee provided below.


05 Health Benefits of Coffee:

Aids in Fat loss

You must have heard many a times that coffee aids in fat loss. Well it’s a reality and there is a science behind it . Caffeine boost your metabolism and increases rate of fat burning. however over the time people become tolerant to this effect and can’t see the fat loss results. But still it is a good beverage which suppresses your hunger .

You must remember that if you are using caffeine for fat loss purposes during it in cycles , like consume it for 02 weeks and then take a break so that your body  doesnt get tolerant to it.

Mental and physical boost

The caffeine in coffee not just can keep you alert, but also can improve metabolism and stimulate humans central nervous system. It supports to keep you alert, helps you process detail, speeds up our response time, stimulates your taste buds and even helps you better focus spans. Overall, coffee helps you to be more productive.

Ailment prevention

Consuming 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day may reduce the risk of developing some life-dangerous illnesses including particular heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, cirrhosis disease. Coffee can lower diabetes danger as it does contain chromium and magnesium. These minerals are helpful for the body to regulate insulin in maintaining fit glucose or blood sugar level.

Antioxidants source

Coffee is among the top sources of antioxidants, which are best to fight free radicals causing cancer. Antioxidants can stop cell damage in the body and so, they are beneficial for keeping best health. Antioxidants also promote hormonal secretion and healthy muscle function. They play an important role in maintaining the health of hair, nails, and skin. Additional, they also save your body against the risk of cancer especially prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer.

Best Pre workout

I have mentioned the importance of coffee in many of my earlier blogs of intermittent fasting , HIIT for fat loss , compound vs isolation movements .

Most of the pre workouts in market have caffeine as the main ingredient , it not only gives you a kick start but also increases your focus .

It gives you enough energy to go hard and intense during workout. Consume a cup of black coffee along with a banana which will be a best combination for a hard and intense workout.


However if done in excess everything has a downside to it . When we talk about coffee or caffeine we are talking about black coffee with no additives. It must be done in moderation due to number of reasons listed below. So lets move forward with our article 05 health benefits of coffee.

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Disadvantages when done in excess

Excess calories

When you are adding additives to your coffee you are generally getting into downsides of drinking coffee.

This is those Extra calories which you start adding  to a cup of your coffee. Several extras, such as fatty cream, sugar, and another artificial flavoring can put more calories into your regular diet. So keep your coffee simple .

Bad health effects of caffeine

Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, headache, sleeplessness, irritability, muscle tremors, diarrhea, and osteoporosis. Actually, coffee contains a different substance that can increase cholesterol level. This can rises the danger of heart attack.

Stomach and digestion problem

It is largely known that coffee can induce stomach ulcers and digestion issues by rising stomach acidity levels. Unfortunately, the decaffeinated brews could not fully solve these problems.

Increased stress level

Stress level may rise when caffeine in coffee affects adrenal glands rising someone’s stress grade for up to eighteen hours. This may induce a lot of medical situations if the person works in an already pressuring setting atmosphere since drinking coffee can multiply anxiety.

Amazingly, for many people the advantages of drinking coffee be more important than disadvantages, and many people truly cannot live without having their favorite cup of coffee every morning. Anyway, it is advised that you drink no more than four cups of coffee per day to restrict the bad effects of its caffeine.

So here were 05 Health Benefits of coffee along with some of the side effects when consumed in excess.

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