Welcome to Fitfunda.com home page,an easy to use website helping out the people who want to transform themselves ,their lifestyle,their diet pattern and their workout program which will be personally designed by me using my experience in fitness field to help you all out achieve your desired fitness goals.

My big plan has major targets:-

1.Help out millions of people to get fit and healthy:-

“Helping out a million people” just has a sexy ring to it,don’t you think? Its a big goal,but I think I can do it. Its beyond just helping people look good-I want top make a dent in alarmingly negative trends we’re seeing in peoples overall physical and mental health.

2.Lead the fight against bro science and Bs:-

Unfortunately,this industry is full of idiots ,lairs who prey on peoples fears and insecurities and I want to change the trend. So I would like to impart knowledge as per science and my personal experience.

3.Help reform the sport supplement industry:-

The dishonest pill and powder pushers are the people i despise the most . The scams are numerous like using fancy sounding products with worthless ingredients,using bogus science and ridiculous marketing claims to sell,under dosing the important ingredients and covering it up with the label “proprietary blend” etc. I hope you enjoy my blogs and information.

4. Motivational Stories:-

Besides fitness we also reach out to common people related to sports and fitness . Learn about their life, Struggles faced by them and also portraying it to you all as a motivation. There are number of people out their who have achieved great things in life or are wanting to achieve big . Covering stories of all those people to inspire you all and uplifting them is my goal.